Nerd Pride

Episode 15 is now live. Wherein we discuss one of our favourite topics, Nerd Pride. Gaze upon this helpful diagram when listening to help you determine what kind of nerd you are. What are your nerd strenths and weaknesses? What makes you proud to be a nerd? Why do you feel ashamed? How does one reach the ginger havens? Things to ponder.

Episode 15 Tasks:1. Come out as a nerd to someone you don’t think realizes this about you.
2. Admit that your level of interest in your interests is nerdy even if your interest is not nerdy (i.e., music, fashion).
3. Reclaim “nerd.” It’s not an insult. When meeting a fellow nerd on the street say, “Yo, nerrrrrd” and give them the Vulcan salute.

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