So not into robots

A Terminator waits for the subway at Yonge/Bloor station in Toronto

A Terminator waits for the subway at Yonge/Bloor station in Toronto

It seems Mandi isn’t into robots. Serious robots that is. She likes the cute, goofy ones. Originally, I assumed I was more into robots than it appears I actually am. Turns out for me it’s like your salad bar—I take what I want (R2-D2, Data) and leave the rest (Transformers, Johnny-5). Yes, apparently I’m indifferent to robots. Which is the kind of attitude which will lead to robots taking over the world and using us as cattle. I know this, but try as I might I simply can’t muster an attitude regarding droids. (The Japandroids, on the otherhand, I simply can’t get enough of on my iPod.)

Yes, regarding robots, I seem to have a decidedly “meh” attitude. I didn’t even really care there was a Terminatorin the subway station. Actually, people generally seemed more confused and slightly annoyed by it’s appearance than awestruck or… interested. Sure, people were taking photos. But it was with an air of completing a chore they were forced to take on rather than a documenting a surprise encounter with a Hollywood icon. One girl said as we got on the train, “That’s so stooopid. It’s not even a good movie.” I noticed she didn’t say it within earshot of the Terminator. And, frankly, she looked like she’d rather have seen animatronic Jonas Brothers. Which is a use of robotics I simply cannot get behind. That’s the first baby-step in us being used as cattle by raygun-slingling cowboy robots (if any movie execs want me to start writing that script, let me know).

Speaking of baby-steps, Imagine if this abomination had Jessica Simpson’s head attached to it. Pure, extreme, panic in the streets terror. That’s what you should be imagining.

~ Jakob

Listen to our views on robots and androids in episode #16, Robots and Ro-nots here.

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