Episode 020: Season One Bonus Features (Special Edition)

Gag reels. Deleted scenes. Alternate takes. People love bonus features on DVDs even if they’re, at best, a bit shit and, at worst, the most boring form of torture ever devised. Only cast members find the bloopers funny and deleted scenes are usually deleted for a reason. This didn’t stop us from compiling a heap of our own gaffs and tangents to celebrate our 20th episode. If I could have figured out how to do an audio commentary track on an audio show, I would have done that too.

Due to the nature of the episode’s theme, the content is all over the place. From Pete Townshend purchasing child porn on the internet because he’s been driven mad from tinnitus (here is the follow-up to that story, thanks to Erwin Blonk for the link) to the politics of black-face to the true meaning of the word “filk” (it’s not pleasant, or… it might be), this is all the bits that we swept off the cutting-room floor. Though it’s not a “floor” so much as a folder named “gag reel” which I’d been saving snippets either too precious to delete or simply too tangential to keep in an already too long episode.

Speaking of which, we’re running a poll on the forums to help us determine how long you want the episodes to be. 45 minutes to an hour seems to be the consensus so far. Which is what we thought, and frankly 45 minutes is what I think we’ll aim for in the future. Episode 20 is an hour and a freaking extra quarter. Well, Kumar talks for 12 minutes alone. It’s all his fault.

Also nominations for the June Nerd of the Month are coming to a close. It’s, er, the 4th already. We might just pick someone ourselves… perhaps not nerd poser Lev Grossman. Perhaps I’ll pick Harold Bloom.

3 Responses to Episode 020: Season One Bonus Features (Special Edition)

  1. Kumar says:

    Hehe. I wondered when you’d pick up on the Lev Grossman thing. I might have already explained this, but I have a very strange like/hate relationshop with the guy. It’s really weird.

  2. Kumar says:

    Relationship, not shop. Sorry.

    Twelve minutes? Hmm, I tried my best to keep it short.

    I really want to listen to this episode now, but I can’t. Damn it.

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