Project Potter: Order of the Phoenix

So, I’m halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of Whiny Emo Bitches. It starts with the titular Harry being the biggest whingey tit he’s been thus far in the series. Which is somewhat acceptable since he’s a teen and sometimes teens get irrationally moody about minor injustices. Fair enough. But then Sirius gets seriously mopey too. Not to mention the regular wheezings of the Weasley clan. What an annoying group of people. It’s a bad sign when Hermione is most pleasant character to read.

I suspect the whole Umbridge story resonates with teens in school more than it does me as well. Once you leave school, people like that aren’t in your life anymore. It’s hard not to feel like they’re playing it all wrong with her. They should keep their heads down and wait it out. But then it’d really be a whole book about people sitting around waiting for something to happen. I mean, more than it is already.

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