Project Potter: Order of the Phoenix, part 2

The waiting is over. I’ve finished reading Harry Potter and the Longest Wrap-up Ever. Although I can sort of appreciate what I think Rowling was trying to do with drawing everything out in this book—create a sense of tension leading up to the outbreak of the second war—I mostly just felt tediously annoyed by the annoying tedium. Even the final, perhaps a little too chaotic, climax drags its feet getting started. And after that grinds itself to a halt, there follows a denouement not even Tolkien’s attention span could grasp. OOTP so far holds the strange distinction of being the best written and worst edited book of the series. J.K.’s done a pretty good job here, but her publishers were asleep at the wheel. A position I found myself in as a reader for most of the book.

2 Responses to Project Potter: Order of the Phoenix, part 2

  1. kumarhk says:

    I’ve heard this said a lot about Order of the Phoenix, and while the arguments make complete sense to me, OotP was my favourite of the series for a long while. I actually find that after the sparse first three books and the information-lacking fourth, we need to get all of this in if we’re going to find a good resolution to the story in books six and seven. Harry’s mind is finally open here; he understands what is going around him and picks up on the nuances of the characters around him. It only makes sense that there’s a sudden burst of content.

    • nerdhurdles says:

      I don’t have a problem with the increase in “content” such as it is, but the excess humming and hawing that goes on before getting to the point of the scene. I think the book could still be cut down by 15-25% without sacrificing any of the more in-depth content. For instance, in the wrap-up there’s two conflicts with Malfoy when only one was needed (I’d suggest scrapping the one on the train).

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