Episode 022: History and Herstory (Special Edition)

The premise of this episode was my deep aversion to history. But really, I’m as much a fan of historic tales as the next person. My aversion is actually to pioneer history. Mandi loves her pioneer history, or more specifically, the fur trade. I’ve never been able to muster much interest in that period. And that’s the reason I’m not big on Canadian history as a whole. It’s all  pioneer history. For some reason Australia’s history interests me much more than Canada’s. Perhaps I like history that’s more removed from my own life; tales of exotic, far-off lands. Perhaps it’s simply because Australia produced Nick Cave and Canada produced Chad Kroeger. I suspect this is the subtle cultural difference that causes so many Canadian youths to travel in Australia when they leave school.

What is it I don’t like about pioneer history? I suppose it’s the because everyone seemed to have been in a life and death struggle over stakes that were pitifully small. I don’t get the impression anyone got rich in the fur trade or the gold rush, they just got sick and dead. Maybe I’m just not an adventurer. I don’t wish to go where no one has gone before, I wish to go where people with bulldozers and bridge-making equipment have gone before. In fact I’d rather not go until the plumbers, electricians and people with memory-foam beds have been there. And finally, the people with the vaccines. I’m not going until I know I’m not going to get tetanus.

No, give me Roman or Egyptian history over pioneer history any day. The Romans had plumbing—Sewers at least. Though I do enjoy the streets flowing with shit in Deadwood, I prefer Pharaohs to cowboys.

3 Responses to Episode 022: History and Herstory (Special Edition)

  1. kumarhk says:

    Is the title of this episode an obscure reference to the relatively unknown TV movie School of Life? Just wondering …

    • nerdhurdles says:

      No. Nor is it a reference to the Michael Jackson album.

      • kumarhk says:

        The herstory part is what I thought the reference was. I guessed it wasn’t really a School of Life reference – I think I’m one of the five people who have actually watched that film. I do believe it’s a Canadian production. It’s actually quite a good film.

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