Episode 027: David Lynch (Special Edition)

David freaking Lynch. Not for everyone. Jakob and Mandi love him so much they made a Twin Peaks cake.

So, if you didn’t turn the episode off when Jakob and I decided to re-cast ST:TNG with characters from Twin Peaks, then you might be interested in taking the following Twin Star Peaks Trek through wooded space… 

Playing the role of Jean-Luc Picard, David Lynch:

Playing the role of William T. Riker is Audrey’s Dad

Playing the role of Data, Special Agent Dale Cooper:

Playing the role of  Deanna Troi, Lucy:

Playing the role of Doctor Beverly Crusher, Crazy Eye-Patch Lady:

Playing the role of Tasha Yar, Laura Palmer:

Playing the role of Worf, Leo:

Playing the role of Geordi LaForge, Sherrif Truman:

Playing the role of Reginald Barclay, Deputy Andy:

Playing the role of Chief O’Brien, Pete:

Playing the role of Odan the Trill, Mulder:

Playing the role of Guinan, the Log Lady:

Playing the role of Wesley Crusher, Dick Tremayne:

Playing the role of Borg Queen, Bowie:

Playing the role of Captain’s Log, the Log Lady’s log:

If you enjoyed this, be sure to visit the Cakes page for a real treat!

3 Responses to Episode 027: David Lynch (Special Edition)

  1. therebelprince says:

    This is hilarious! (Though that’s not Hank, that’s Truman!)

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