Have map, will travel

We haven’t posted an episode for a while because we went on a little holiday which we forgot to properly annouce we’d be going on. You can read about that at Mr. Dapper. The goal is to end the hiatus tonight (August 14th, say 8pm EST?) with an episode on music hurdles. We’ll see if that happens. Until then you can take a look below at our June-July 2009 listener map. Perhaps you can find yourself. We’re excited to have so many new listeners from exotic (to us, probably not to you) locales dropping in.

Click gently to make larger.

Click gently to make larger.

3 Responses to Have map, will travel

  1. kumarhk says:

    Tee hee. I can see my balloon.

  2. Bucho says:

    That’s pretty cool, I like a good map. Do the balloons correspond to everyone who’s a member or are they placed automatically from reading IPs or some kind of magic liek that? Or is there a map somewhere I haven’t found yet to place my own balloon on? And what do the different pretty colours mean? And what killed the Dinosaurs?

    • Jakob says:

      They’re generated by IPs and don’t seem to capture all of our listeners. Also don’t seem to capture their locations 100% correctly. The colours indicate download, feed or listened to from the podbean player.

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