Kennedy, Mandi, Jakob and Karen in front of Mandi's light up Star Trek poster

This weekend Mandi and I hosted a BBQ (Mandi did most of the actual hosting). In attendance were Kennedy and Karen of the Starbase 66 podcast. We’ve met Kennedy a few times but this was a first close encounter of the Karen kind. We also got to meet her mysterious “Dearly Beloved”, who was much nerdier than we expected. We still have yet to meet Kennedy’s wife “Elizabeth” who, despite baking us a spectacular peach pie, we’re beginning to suspect may not exist. Ironic since she was the one who was famously responsible for the term “imaginary friends” to describe our online family.

So far Mandi and I have bowled a perfect game meeting people we got to know on online forums and through their podcasts, but I can certainly see Elizabeth’s point of view. There are certainly moments, such as when I’m truly happy hanging out with online friends at an offline BBQ, where I wonder if too much of our lives are spent in the web-o-sphere. This article deftly explains why we’re unhappy as an online society. It has some interesting points but I still enjoy the buffer and screening process provided by the internet when selecting worthy associates. Now we just need to perfect transporter technology so being spread across the globe isn’t a hindrance to future BBQs.

4 Responses to Starbase/Hurdlecon

  1. I am so jealous! I really like BBQ. 😉

  2. Camillereads says:

    Wow… two of my favorite podcasts together… so no one wanted to tape this (is that still what it’s called), live blog it or twitter the experience? If Kevin Smith (smodcast podcast) showed up, I’m sure that would have caused a rift in the universe somewhere…

    • mrdapper says:

      I think if Scott Mosier were there no one would know which one of us was speaking. But then I think I’m the only one who thinks we sound similar.

      Both Kennedy and I thought about bringing our recorders but I think we’re glad we didn’t. It’d have been a bit of an elephant in ther, er, on the patio if we had to be “on.” If Rick was there though… we’d have had to do something.

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