Episode 031: Three Weddings and a Funeral School Drop-out (Special Edition)

Exactly one month away from our first anniversary as a couple, Mandi and I bring you an episode about weddings. In  Nerd Hurdles #31 we discuss the hurdles and pitfalls of what is perhapsthe third most universal of all life rituals (birth and death are, of course, the only two truly universal events shared by all people on Earth regardless of class, creed or sexual orientation).

Xtinas nerdy-ass zombie wedding.

Xtina’s nerdy-ass zombie wedding.

From cupcakes to diamonds to dog cremains, we cover it all. What’s wrong (or right) with Star Trek weddings? What’s right (or wrong) with dance weddings? Are flying monkeys considered “little people”? What did Hermione wear? You’re right (or wrong) to ask these questions, we don’t guarantee insightful answers.

Thanks to our unwitting research assistant, Camille, for scouring the interwebs for the material used in this episode.

Engagement rings are evil! Boycott diamonds!

4 Responses to Episode 031: Three Weddings and a Funeral School Drop-out (Special Edition)

  1. Camillereads says:

    Hahahaha… I was mentioned in a post! Me feel special… me bask in fame for 20 seconds before going back to reading Harry Potter fan fiction.

  2. Camillereads says:

    What! Dag-nabbit… I’m so behind on my Nerd Hurdle podcast listening (and I refuse to jump forward for fear I won’t get references/jokes to previous podcasts)… I’m still on Celebrity Worship and Whoreship. Ugh… I gotta hurry up.

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