The big news!

We’re now on the Simply Syndicated podcast network (! This is a good thing for us and for you. Well, perhaps a better thing for us than you because you will have to update your subscriptions. We’ll make that as clear and easy as possible once the new iTunes account is vetted. Exciting times.

The new RSS feed is and our page on Simply Syndicated can be found HERE where you’ll see Rich has uploaded last week’s episode to kick thing’s off. We plan to release a new episode on that feed, as well as our existing feed, tonight.

What will happen to the Podbean site? We’re going to keep it running as a place to store the first 33 episodes but I’ll probably also throw a little something from Mr. Dapper up there once in a while. Maybe some P-Reviews or, I suspect, Igor might get up to something.

Mandi and I are well chuffed to be on Simply Syndicated (which got me into this whole podcasting thing to begin with) and look forward to a long and glorious partnership! Huzzah!

2 Responses to The big news!

  1. Camillereads says:

    When did Simply Syndicated become the nexus for all nerd podcasts? First it was Starbase66 and now Nerd Hurdles. What’s next? Nevermind, don’t tell me.

    I won’t complain (too much) because you guys seem happy with the move. But damnit, whenever someone moves over to Simply Syndicated my itunes feeds are all out of wack and my OCDness can’t handle that.

    But it’s cool because you used the word “Huzzah” in your blog post… a faithful listener. *smiles*


    • Jakob says:

      I hope you downloaded the episodes you were catching up on because the podbean site will be down for the rest of the month. Perhaps you can enjoy some of the newer episodes in the meantime.

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