Coming to terms:Winter ’09

Search terms that lead people to this blog and, hopefully, to our podcast are always interesting. To us, at least. Looks like zombies are still interesting to a lot of people. Note: numbers for similar searches have been combined.

This week’s top/best searches:

borg queen 25
zombies 14
nerd hurdles mandi 5
twat tattoo 2
zombies street 1
pictures of fur trade 1
“handsome zombies” 1
fit together toys 1
nerd of the month 1
wow obsession 1
video gamer stereotype 1

Top/best this month:

zombies 240
borg queen 130
empire records costume 3
geektionary 2
crusher picard 1
doucheois 1
zombies zombies zombies 1
regretsy reaver 2
21 days later zombie 1
kind zombie 1
+”nerd hurdles” +podcast +”project potter” 1
realy zombie 1
ridiculous cakes 1

 All time top ten:

zombies 662
borg queen 132
zombie 61
christina aguilera zombie 59
zombie people 31
28 days later zombie 28
zombie wedding 21
data star trek 19
twin peaks 19
worf star trek 19
day of the dead tattoos 17

Top five posts/pages (all time):

Mandi 901  
Episode #21: Zombies 848  
Jakob 657  
Geektionary 448  
Star Trek: The Twin Peaks Generation 345

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