Nerd Hurdles is one year old today! To celebrate we opened the mailbag, and a bottle or two, and answered questions by listeners new and old. Things run a bit long and, by the end, devolve into chaos. It’s The Banana’s fault, really. If there’s a more appropriate way to celebrate one year of nerdery, tangents and love … well, we couldn’t think of what it was so you get this instead.

Things we talked about:

  • Derek Prinsloo sent us this photo of some Star Wars nerdwear.
  • Stephen Rivers sent us these two links to some Star Trek slash.
  • We didn’t talk about it, but Craig Denniston sent us this picture letting everyone know how Twilight should have ended (as if we didn’t know).
  • And this is Jakob’s musical guilty pleasure. Although this newer, Russian language video of theirs needs to be watched to the end. Holy crap. Awesome.

But in order to answer GAB’s questions, we had to go on a road trip…

Niagara Falls was the destination. Jakob had never been. He was amazed the town had managed to kidnap and plastinated so many top hollywood stars. Many of them in their 1980’s prime! It’s amazing their secret has been kept. Clearly, the public would just rather believe the robots these celebs have been replaced with are the real thing. Sheeple need their delusions.

Mandi got to meet one of her “heroes” too.

The plastination process isn’t kind to everyone…

Imagine being stuck in your awkward pre-teen years forever.

Who was responsible for all this plastinating of innocent celebs? We found the answer across the street…

But it wasn’t the diabolical Burger King who was the culprit. It was our own…

And his evil plastinating console!

So thanks Greg for sending us on this adventure. Niagrara Falls is truly a pimple on the ass of Ontario culture. And that’s what is so amazingly awesome about it. Clearly the perfect location for Syndicon North America.


  1. Paul says:

    Great show guys and Happy Anniversary! However I’m now with Jakob over the fear of evisceration. I’d never considered it much until Mandi wondered out loud about when you’d feel the tugging at the back of your throat…

    • nerdhurdles says:

      I think we can feel safe in the assumption one would pass out long before any tugging sensation could actually be felt. I hope.

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