iGor™ sneak peek leak!

We at The Hurdled Nerd are pretty stoked to get the first photo of the iGor™, the highly anticipated new lifestyle device from the Bananacorporation.

“The iGor™ is not just about goring eyeballs. Need to find a cadaver? Need to keep track of your masters’ mealtimes? Want to find mad scientist movies to download? There’s an app for that. And more!”

Or so says a draft of the press-release from the Banana corporation. Will the iGor™ live up to the hype? It’s hard to say for sure just yet. But if the above photo is anything to go on, we think the iPad will have some serious competition in the lifestyle device market this spring.

6 Responses to iGor™ sneak peek leak!

  1. cohnee says:


    The most disgusting device yet conceived. I particularly love the multipurpose melon baller.

    I want one.

  2. kyprieth says:

    My reaction, too, was “Oh god that’s disgusting gimme”.

  3. nerdhurdles says:

    Google tells me that is actually a “tomato shark”, not a melon baller. Learn something new everyday.

    I wonder if the iGor automatically takes video of the eye goring? Do you think?

  4. Will it trim toenails without removing the toe from the foot?

  5. I am going to have to add the iGor to my iWant app…so awesome!!!

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