Coming To Terms (February 2010)

Maybe it’s just me but either crazier people are finding the Hurdled Nerd via Google, or people are just getting crazier in general. Here’s a sample of the best search terms of the last month.

  • zombie yawning — You wanted pictures of tired zombies? Zombies bored with the malaise of their own existence? Go here.
  • whats right and wrong — We’re not qualified to tell you the answer. But the internet isn’t where you should be looking for it.
  • i can do all things through him who strengthens me — I want to know which post connected this search term to our blog. So I can delete it.
  • zombie kind — Compassionate zombies or makes and models of the walking dead? Be more specific in your search terms.
  • wow people — As in “wow, people”? Or World of Warcraft players? I guess “like, wow, WoW people” makes sense.
  • world map of rock music listeners — We don’t have it. But I’d like to see it.
  • slash+”star trek” — Most people have a character preferences, but I guess any Trek slash will do for them.
  • metaphysical anime — Oh my goddess, isn’t all anime metaphysical in some way?
  • starbase 66 karen picture — Why do people keep getting to our blog when they search for Karen?
  • march & beer — We gave up beer for Lent.
  • stereotypes sometimes they just play the — same role over and over?
  • how to draw tentacle anime — No.
  • neil tennant fuck — Yes.
  • nerd publisher — I hope they found one. And lets me know who they are. I got a book to flog.
  • meat jesus — Yay! Someone searched for Baby Meat Jesus!
  • baby meat — Ew… for the wrong reasons.
  • star wars baby mobile death star — Sounds like something awesome and deadly a cat would drive.
  • “you can’t take this guy from me” — Glad we’re not the only ones who mis-hear that lyric.
  • christian youth forum — Boy did you come to the wrong place.
  • starbase 66 karen’s
  • twilight should end — We agree.
  • coin collecting whores — Hookers who get paid in loonies or old men who’ll do anything for a silver denier.
  • annoyed book — The book is annoyed? The book is about an annoyed character? The book makes the reader annoyed? Who can say? I’m annoyed.
  • elementary stories about comedy of a nerd — We only have advanced stories about comedy of a nerd.
  • “hoody fighter” jakob — I can’t believe someone other than myself has ever searched for this.
  • blocks fit — Yes. Yes, they do. Like Lego.
  • anakin and perseus — Is this some kind of bizarre cross-franchise slash?

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