Episode 55 – Flynn Lives in Tron-to

This episode, where we report on the Tron Legacy trailer preview event in Toronto last weekend, is the culmination of our series of Tron-related posts of late. It’ll (probably) be Tron-free business as usual until next december from here on in. Mandi will be glad to hear that. She was so utterly broken by the event, it seems to have tainted this classic in her eyes forever. Though when she watched it for the (ahem) first time ever the night before, she didn’t seem too impressed.

Really, the shownotes for this episode have already been posted here, in a piece I wrote for our badass friends www.mediasaurs.com. If you got here via the link to “shownotes” on our Simply Syndicated episode page, sorry for redirecting you again. I know it’s a lot of work to click a mouse.

But that’s in the spirit of the Flynn Lives treasure hunts. Imagine if I made you go on a scavenger hunt where you met up with an “operative” who gave you a cell phone which lead you to codes which unlocked a website which allowed you to click on that link… Now imagine if there were only two sentences waiting for you at Mediasaurs after all the work I put you through… Yeah, you’re getting the picture of what the vibe was at the Flynn Lives screening in Toronto. Fortunately, I’m not Disney. I supply the goods.

If you’re curious to hear a completely different take on the Flynn Lives event, the Aussie podcast Chaotic Geek (www.chaoticgeek.com) gushes about the Melbourne screening here. They did get to see the trailer twice, but I’m still not sure I understand their level of enthusiasm. Though I do envy it .

Links: The awesome ENCOM dummy site.

Blue in ’82.

There’s no GalacTALKa this week due to… well, we just didn’t feel like watching or talking about BSG. Not even for you. It wasn’t personal. We just needed some time apart.

3 Responses to Episode 55 – Flynn Lives in Tron-to

  1. Monsterzero says:

    Won tickets to this.. but had reservations about travelin all that way from hamilton for something i was,nt sure about.. My bud really wanted to go.. So we came up with a plan.. He borrowed my Birth certificate and hoped that he could get in with it.. ITS GOV i.d. it worked.. later that day he filled me in on the BS that happend .. Told him to keep the shirt.. But i guess feeling shafted.. And makeing a promise that anything he gets is mine.. droped it off tuesday.. ( i forced him to take a johny cash giving finger shirt as a trade) Anyways to get to the point i used my U.V. Doctor who Sonic Screw driver.. to scan it for hidden codes… How Nerdy is that.. nothing to be found…

    • nerdhurdles says:

      Yeah, Hamilton would have too much of a trip unless you were coming into TO for something else as well. The t-shirt was the best part so you played that well, Monster, you played that well.

      Have you seen the new trailer yet? What did you think?

      • Monsterzero says:

        I have,nt seen it let just some stills.. Not interested in Alice in wonderland.. I Hear now the trailer will be online next week so i’ll wait..

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