Episode 63 – BSG: Psychodyke and the Razors

April 30, 2010
helena cain, six, starbuck, razor

This week we’re joined by Ro Karen of the Starbase 66 podcast to discuss the BSG movie, Razor, and the psychodyke admiral known as Helena Cain.

Other guests include the esteemed Kathryn Janeway and everyone’s favourite unemployed supernanny, Mary Shelley’s Merkin, who join Igor and The Banana on a double-date.


April 28, 2010

Formspring.me isn’t, as one might assume, a mattress company. Instead it’s a website which allows people to ask other people who sign up for an account anonymous questions which they agree to answer. Only on the internet, hey?

Formspring.me, you will note, also bears the mysterious dot-me country code. Turns out .me denotes Montenegro. It’s kind of interesting reading.

Anyway, Nerd Hurdles uses Formspring.me as a promotional tool. Or, more accurately, we attempt to use it as promotional tool. Our account mostly gets ignored. But we have been asked some interesting questions. A sample of which are reproduced for your pleasure below.

Do you think Nerd Hurdling should be an event in the Olympic Games? by megamatt

Jakob: No. That would be absurd. Nerd Curling though, definitely. Also Nerd Pommel Horse. Any nerd who can support the weight of a gyrating, steroid-happy gymnast deserves a medal.

Do you believe there’s intelligent life on other planets?

Mandi : I don’t believe in intelligent life on this planet. Other than The Banana.

Jakob: Sure. Why not. The Universe is a pretty big place. What being infinite and all. But if they have monster trucks, I hope they never visit Earth.

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Episode 62 – Get on the Jebus

April 23, 2010

Religion itself might not be a nerd hurdle per se, but there sure are a lot of geeky religion fanboys and fangirls out there. Even the devotion of a Trekker  pales in comparison to that of a dyed in the wool Jesus Freak.

Though some of the worlds religions may be able to boast they have a greater number of fans, none of theirs have quite the level of geekiness as the typical North American Christian. Why is that?

Is it the western capitalist ability to commercialize anything no matter how sacred? If so, why isn’t the nerdiest Jew half as nerdy as the average Mormon? Perhaps only God knows.

We do have some theories which we toss around like so many loaves and fishes. You can listen to them if you click on Kenny Loggins’ mullet—which plays the role of Jesus’ Mullet in the claymation adaptation of the Easter story, The Miracle Maker—at the top of this post.

Links: Red Letter Media; The Miracle Maker; Jack Van Impe; Is homosexuality a sin.

Epside 61 – Complete TOSsers

April 16, 2010

This week Jakob and Mandi talk about the show that, ultimately, brought them together. Without “Star Trek” being in his online dating profile, Mandi wouldn’t have had anything to say  “Brave move” about. Well. One less thing.

Anyway, the original Star Trek must be a big deal because so many people have parodied it over the years.

Hot Tub Turd Machine

April 16, 2010

Although it makes more sense in 2010 to make an homage to 1980s teenage sex/romantic comedies than it did in 1998 with The Wedding Singer—enough time has passed now to really play-up on the decade’s cringing sense of nostalgia—Hot Tub Time Machine only succeeds in that a lot of the original films weren’t really as good as we remember.

They are all, however, better than Hot Tub Time Machine.

The film tries to do too much with as little effort as possible. The results are predictable—a total and unremitted mess. Here is a list of the top-ten flaws in Hot Tub Time Machine:

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Episode 60 – Buffy

April 9, 2010

With the exception of Firelfy / Serenity, the Season 4-6 arc of Buffy The Vampire Slayer has to be Joss Whedon’s greatest achievement. Perhaps the greatest achievement of television. Ever.

Which is why people have been asking us to an episode of Buffy pretty much since we started the podcast. Clearly they wanted to hear our considered opinions, our thoughts, and our musings on Yvette’s Bridal and Dinosaur Porn. Because that’s what they’re getting. Both are more frightening than almost anything on Buffy. Except this guy.

Terrible web design, cockroach bodied demons and weird asian porn fetishes are scary enough, but to witness true horror you’re going to need to watch some Today’s Special:

Episode 59 – Toronto Nerd-Up / BSG season 3 wrap-up

April 2, 2010

On March 27th we met an international group of Simply Syndicated listeners at the Victory Cafe in Toronto for dinner, drinks and dorking out.

Not only can you can hear some of the hilarity(?) which ensued on Nerd Hurdles Episode 59, but you can also watch the following videos.

This one is by us:

This one is from TorontoKev:

Kennedy of Starbase 66 put this one together:

Now if those videos don’t make you wish to be a part of it all, then you clearly have better things to do with your time and cooler friends. Congratulations, normie.

If you thought that looked like more fun than your Saturday night, why not come on out to the next meet-up? We’ll keep you posted on The Hurdled Nerd when another is in the works.

Project GalacTALKa finally returns with a special hour-long wrap-up of Season 3. What makes it special? Listener audio comments of course. That and discussion of everything except Season 3 (well, we do manage to cover all the spoilers).

Tangents include: TrooperCS Lewis’ sex life, FuZion, and Hitler finding out the Democrats and Obama passed Healthcare Reform.

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