Coming To Terms: “i was a real turd in a hot tub… “

sexy hurdler: “Sexy Hurdler” was by far the most popular search term getting people to The Hurdled Nerd in April with a whopping 129 hits. That doesn’t include all the variations like “sexi hurlde.” Unfortunately, they’re not looking for our Sexy Hurdles episode, they’re looking for her. Or perhaps her.

nerd diagram: I believe this is the diagram you’re looking for.

lego perseus character“; “how to draw perseus: The combination of the Clash of the Titans reboot and Percy Jackson is probably the root of “Perseus” becoming a popular search term.

perseus and meat: There is no reasonable explanation for this though.

nerdy font: When you get right down to it all fonts are nerdy, not just the Star Trek or Harry Potter logo fonts. As is demonstrated by this blog.

geordi star track: I suppose if you’d only heard “Star Trek” pronounced by W.C. Fields, you might think this is a reasonable search term. Of course, that would have to be in an alternate timeline. Where Geordi is a star of track and field.

geordi in 2364:  That 2364 Geordi was so much better than the 2363. 2364 is also the year he won the 100 meter dash.

star wars geordi la forge: I simply love the idea of Geordi being an engineer on the Death Star.

rob schneider como nerd: I couldn’t make sense of this so I ran it through Babelfish. It came out as “rob to schneider like nerd” which I think is a logical enough statement. Though “como douche” might have gotten the Googler a more accurate result.

the internet and fan nerds: If people who are nerds about ventilation systems are going to anywhere, it’s on the internet. I bet their computers run completely silent.

common racial stereotypes: For some reason we get this one a lot. So let me set the record straight: Vulcans are dispassionate and logical, Ferengi are sneaky and greedy, and Klingons are metalheads who take being in the KISS Army too literally.

spoon me sweatpants calgary: I don’t understand this but I believe it spells a whole lotta “No.”

what makes a nerd: It’s probably just the glasses, really. Not these glasses, these glasses.

insufferable know it all tattoo: Easy. Hermione Granger. But if anyone’s done it, like Hermione, they’re too smart to post it on the internet. Unlike people who get Dobby tattoos.

rabbid zombies: Clearly a typo. I like to think they were going for “rabbit zombies.”

filk nerd hurdles: Yeah, well… filk you too, Googler!

dead from smallpox: Don’t Google that. Seriously, you don’t want to do that. You really don’t. Plus, I’ve gone through the trouble and found you this.

nerd adventure toronto: Yes please! I Googled it and no, there are none. Except out own meet-up and something called <shudder>”Code Camp” </shudder>.

nerdy meetups toronto: The Toronto Comics Festival is coming up this weekend. We’re going to be milling around there doing research for an upcoming episode.

nerd internet dating sites compared: This implies there’s several. I only know of Geek 2 Geek . But from what I understand, WoW is the site where most nerds hook-up online.

зомби: We get this a lot. I think it might mean “zombie” in Russian. Or perhaps is l33t for “rob schneider como nerd”.

a nerd smoking: Finding that is like finding Sasquatch or the end of Pi. Everyone knows smoking is the ultimate in cool. Ergo, by definition, a nerd cannot smoke. QED. Also, nerds tend to be too smart to smoke.

“what is” hobby whore: I simply love the placement of the quotes.

giant fucking snake: Yeh! This one eats a pig.

lord wez: You’re thinking of Lord Humongous. Wez was just like a knight or something. Sir Wez, Knight of the Buttless Chaps. A common misconception about Wez is that, like the rest of his gang, he was after the gasoline. No t so. He’d heard they were refining hairspray in the compound.

porngiles: Anthony Head is actually a pretty good porn name.

demographic flynn lives tron: I’d be interested in seeing that. But I think I know already.

word in an oxymoron michael j. fox movie: I didn’t realize “Teenwolf” was an oxymoron.

makito inomata: Takes great photos. Go here for more of his magic.

cars project potter and thomas: Seriously? How did that search string would out for you? Because I didn’t get anywhere with it.

i was a real turd in a hot tub… : I don’t doubt it. I’m glad Google was there to confirm it for you.

turd in back set: I’m going to assume this is a typo for “backseat.”

turd texting: The hottest new craze in social media.

twilight slash art: Nonononononononononono. No.

“nerd hurdles” jakob sexy: I don’t know who you are Googler, but I like your gib and the cut of it.

jakob is a turd: Filk you, Googler. You only wish I were a turd in your ass.

podcast nerd relationships: The relationship between nerds and podcasts approaches a 1:1 ratio.

nerd wanna be: Tends to shop at American Apparel.

tasha yar real name: “Tasha” was an assumed name? That makes her character much more interesting. On the run from some gambling debts, no doubt. Though it really wasn’t much of a stretch from Yasha Tar so I don’t know who she thinks she was fooling.

in the beginning was the nerd: And on the 6th day of the 8th month of the 1991st year, he created The Internets.

stephen harper teenager: Must have looked pretty awkward. That is if you believe he was ever a human child. I’m still going for android. That helps me retain my faith in humanity. What little of there is left.

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