Episode 65 – TCAF / indie and web-comics (Jeph Jacques)

A full-bred normie isn’t going to be able to tell the difference, but there’s two types of comic nerd. There’s the Nerd Store superhero/fantasy comic nerd and there’s the emo, existentialist, confessional scribbles, indie graphic novel nerd.

Sometimes the twain shall meet, but at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2010 (May 8-9), it was heavily weighted towards the latter. The scene was decidely more Dan Clowes and less Stan Lee. Simply stated, you will never find a more wretched (awesome) hive (reference library) of scum (awesome people with great taste) and villainy (awesomely talented and creative people).

Including  Jeph Jacques, creator of the uber-popular webcomic Questionable Content who was good enough to spare some time to speak with us for this episode.

Other indie- and web-comics/artists we reference during the episode are:

I’m Crazy by Adam Bourret. “I’m Crazy is an auto-biographical graphic novel, dealing with, among other things: histories, secrets, obsessive compulsive disorder, drugs, gay romance, hallucinations and insanity. It’s all true provided you’re willing to be a little flexible.”  This is the comic Mandi calls “I’m Gayzy!” and it’s hella impressive.

Wondermark by David Malki. This is where the “beard book” we mention comes from. His table didn’t have visible pricing or Jakob would have bought one of his beautifully bound books (which look 100 times more expensive than they actually are it turns out).

Kate Beaton. She creates the popular, quaint and charming Hark, A Vagrant! Her fans are horrible people. The one we met at least.

A Softer World. We didn’t mention it. But we should have. Ironically, Jakob has, despite being a fan, never visited this website and only knows this webcomic from its print collections. Can you say luddite?

This Will All End In Tears by Joe Ollmann. This is the book Jakob couldn’t finish because the art makes him feel physically ill. Which you can’t tell by the cover, which looks pretty nice. Except for the typography and the font.

100 Demons by Lynda Barry. This is the other book where Jakob doesn’t like the art.

Hint: he was, sadly (for Jakob), not there.

4 Responses to Episode 65 – TCAF / indie and web-comics (Jeph Jacques)

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  2. weathereye says:

    I just realized I still have a bunch of your Tomines. I had to hide them because they made Elizabeth cry a little.

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