15 Best Google results for “nerd hurdles” that have nothing to do with our podcast

  1. “It is in fasion these days to be a nerd. Well to be a geek. Truly, I don’t understand … Instead of jumping life’s hurdles, do they just walk around them? …”
  2. The Nerd life is a complex life. Especially in todays high-paced connected … Steps not taken and hurdles not cleared within a certain time …”
  3. Nerds love puzzles. Libraries love nerds. … And this project was realized by a group that had to jump over numerous hurdles. …”
  4. Nerd is short for nerd stance, and nerd stance is short for my short-duration …. isn’t the gear hurdles that I have to jump over. …”
  5. ” am the nerd sitting outside the coffeeshop groking brain network dynamics …. rather diminishes the power of selection to overcome phylogenetic hurdles. …”
  6. ‘Nerd’ and ‘douchebag’ aren’t mutually exclusive…”
  7. “I think it’s unfortunate all the hurdles female players so often face…. the adoration of thousands of faceless nerds on the Internet …”
  8. hurdles – existing organizations defend their positions – apparent lack of alternatives for … the knitting nerd who got a tattoo of a knitting ball …”
  9. “5 Best Tax Nerd Blogs: The First Annual Rick Moranis Awards …. several tax-collecting hurdles…”
  10. “… I didn’t want there to be hurdles like registration forms and email … and other hurdles slow down adoption….”
  11. “She identifies herself as “a nerd for valuing books, for reading them, Some of those hurdles stemmed from Sugar Loaf not owning the wastewater treatment …”
  12. “There are hurdles that have to be scaled to successfully hack the PS3. ….. me your retarded and have no idea what a electronic nerd can do
  13. I want to be a bad ass cav scout, not a nerd. …. You have a lot of hurdles to pass before even considering what you’ll look like on graduation day. …”
  14. “I am a trek nerd and pinball nerd so it combined two of my life’s passions. … forecasting must have one of the lowest performance hurdles in the game. …”
  15. If I found another nerd who was never married, no kids, …. Because we want to eliminate any hurdles that may exist in getting a marriage …”

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