Please watch some Dr Who. It would be wonderful to hear your opinions on it, especially for us here in Britain who may not understand all of your cultural references.

Oi! We ‘ave to put up with your blimey cultural references on podcasts all the time, matey!

No, we really should do the Who. It’s a classic nerd hurdle trifecta:

1) Uber-rabid fans (Whooies?) make us think it can’t possibly live up to its hype;

2) There SO much of it. Where do we start? The Baker or the Tennant? Makes one want to give up right there; and

3) The production values seem a little crap.

Actually, it’s something I want to delve into (not sure about Mandi), it’s just that we keep running into those three barriers. We will, in the future, cross space and time to hurdle this subject.

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