Episode 79: Oh My Godfather

August 27, 2010

Brando, what plants crave.

We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Listen to the Nerd Hurdles podcast or swim with the fishes.

The Godfather is one of the most beloved films of all time. At least as voted by 18-35 year old males on IMDB. They also like The Dark Knight a whole lot. So that tells you something about The Godfather right there.

No, not that it’s awesome.

Sometimes it’s hard to hurdle the hype piled on a classic film, but rarely does such a revered classic prove to be a case of the emperor’s new clothes. The emperor’s naked people!

The Godfather is perhaps the worst scripted, worst acted, most poorly paced, so-called classic we’ve forced ourselves to watch in a long time.

Right about now, you’re probably asking for some defense of the above thesis. We provide our argument in the episode. Download it now and then put out a hit on us later.

Episode 78: Thriftspotting

August 20, 2010

Have you ever found an original Han Solo figure still in the card for $2 at a thrift store or a yard sale? Probably not. But it’s the dream.

The reality (and nightmare) of thrifting is you’re in danger of ending up with a house full of broken-down, kitschy junk. Like the terrifying Baby Secret!

This guy is pretty annoying but you get to hear all of Baby Secret’s, uh, secrets in this clip.

Slightly more terrifying, if you can believe it, is the Reborn doll phenomenon.

Episode 77 – Craft Beers and Crap Beers

August 13, 2010

Third time’s a charm for this episode. After two disastrous attempts to record this podcast (one too drunk, one too hung over), we finally got this episode in the can.

Beer is a hurdle for almost everyone. People tend to have very set opinions on what is a drinkable brew. Some won’t drink anything other than mass-market (Bud, Labatts, Coors, Molson) swill, others will only imbibe the richer flavours of a micro brewery’s craft ale.

Here at the hurdle hut, we’re decidedly in the latter camp. Though there are a few beer Jedi’s who can balance the light and the dark without batting an eye, people are generally set in their ways.

Personally, I like the dark ales and stouts (once you go black, you never go back). Though, almost a full week after the Toronto Festival of Beer, I still feel a little like I will never again touch another drop . Or, perhaps, until tonight.

Dark ales weren’t the order of the day at Great Lake’s Brewing’s Caskapalooza area of the festival where wheat beers, fruity brews and ales so hoppy a rabbit would be scared reigned. These interesting small batch brews were the essence of what beer fest is all about; tipping back a half-pint of something you’d never tried before.

Left: Jakob annoys Tara while wearing the “shit compress” Labatt’s Fiddy shirt he found on a tree and wrapped around his head. Also, a flower in his beard and the inability to focus his eyes properly.

Referenced video: Double Complete Rainbow

Episode 76 – Hack Job (Computer hackers)

August 6, 2010

Pouting is an essential part of being a hacker.

Hackers. People sure do love hackers in movies. Oddly, in real life, they just get ridiculed. Probably because they don’t actually look like Angelina Jolie or Keanu Reeves and aren’t as cool as Kevin Flynn.

Also everyone’s afraid some pimply kid in a Nine Inch Nails shirt is going to drain their bank account. Somehow. No one really knows how computers work so it seems like a perfectly valid fear. Just like vampires were in the middle ages.

But is the hacker, as seen in movies, real or just a sort of urban myth? The problem is, a census can’t be taken since real hackers would never reveal their identity. And would a real life hacker actually choose a name like Zerœ_Bürn or Acid Re:FLUX?

The first and best hacker movie ever? War Games.

Somehow I doubt it. The real computer wizards I’ve met never had any kind of edginess to them whatsoever. They’re quiet, unassuming and more likely to listen to Matchbox 20 than Front 242. Not a single set of tight leather pants in their wardrobe. I don’t know if those guys are the real hackers of the world, but I imagine the real hackers are closer to David Lightman than Kate Libby.

Internet comedian Community Channel’s awesome take on hackers in movies:

Coming to Terms: Nerd Scum (July 2010)

August 5, 2010


jesus difference maker: I wonder if this blogger’s readers appreciated Baby Meat Jesus.

nerd scum: I think that’s the residue left on keyboards from nerds salivating over the release of Star Craft 2.

some people have it all gamer: For some reason anti-nerd activist Jack Thompson is the first google hit for that search. That makes no sense to me. But it’s kind of entertaining reading.

confessional webcomics: Something about those two words in conjunction make me feel sick to my stomach a little. Not that I don’t read and love confessional webcomics. But can’t we just call them “funnies” or something less schadenfreudian?

nicholas-turd-actor: Nick Cage? Google says “yes”.

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NOTM August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

August 4, 2010

August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

We have a strict “no listeners or forum members” policy in place for the Nerd of the Month competition, but we feel we need to make an exception in this case. NOTM is meant to honour those who show exemplary service in the name of Nerd; those who wave their nerd flag high with pride.

When we first got to know Antony, he was working through the shock of the self-discovery that he was perhaps a bit of a nerd. He’d always considered himself a coolie-woolie but Nerd Hurdles, amongst other things, was making him take a deeper look inside. The more he talked about himself, the more it was clear to everyone he was actually a huge nerd. He’s even part of a popular Red Dwarf podcast.

A short while ago he took the final step into true nerdery. Not only did he buy Storm Trooper armour, he proudly posted pictures on the internet. We feel, undoubtedly,  he has arrived and is a shining example to all those discovering—and nurturing—their inner geek.

Nerd on, Antony, nerd on.

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