NOTM August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

We have a strict “no listeners or forum members” policy in place for the Nerd of the Month competition, but we feel we need to make an exception in this case. NOTM is meant to honour those who show exemplary service in the name of Nerd; those who wave their nerd flag high with pride.

When we first got to know Antony, he was working through the shock of the self-discovery that he was perhaps a bit of a nerd. He’d always considered himself a coolie-woolie but Nerd Hurdles, amongst other things, was making him take a deeper look inside. The more he talked about himself, the more it was clear to everyone he was actually a huge nerd. He’s even part of a popular Red Dwarf podcast.

A short while ago he took the final step into true nerdery. Not only did he buy Storm Trooper armour, he proudly posted pictures on the internet. We feel, undoubtedly,  he has arrived and is a shining example to all those discovering—and nurturing—their inner geek.

Nerd on, Antony, nerd on.

4 Responses to NOTM August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

  1. Still not 100% how I feel about this…….I think there may still be a hint of denial about my nerdom. But there is also more than a hint of pride, so I must be coming round. Thank you

  2. nerdhurdles says:

    Aw, you know we mean it with love. Nerd!

  3. […] the nerd of the month winner is: Antony “Ori Studfarm” […]

  4. TorontoKev says:

    One of us! One of us!

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