Coming to Terms: Nerd Scum (July 2010)


jesus difference maker: I wonder if this blogger’s readers appreciated Baby Meat Jesus.

nerd scum: I think that’s the residue left on keyboards from nerds salivating over the release of Star Craft 2.

some people have it all gamer: For some reason anti-nerd activist Jack Thompson is the first google hit for that search. That makes no sense to me. But it’s kind of entertaining reading.

confessional webcomics: Something about those two words in conjunction make me feel sick to my stomach a little. Not that I don’t read and love confessional webcomics. But can’t we just call them “funnies” or something less schadenfreudian?

nicholas-turd-actor: Nick Cage? Google says “yes”.

girl tattoos no regrets: Well, bald Britney would be my first choice too. Or maybe a dragon. I hear girls with dragon tattoos are popular these days.

eliza lynch: I’m pretty sure this is Mary Shelleys Merkin’s actual name.

zombies people being zombies: It’s a möbius loop of zombism! Sadly is not a valid URL.

wesley crusher+penis: Hahaha. This one never gets old. Again, though, I ask, “Why?”  No, seriously, dude (or dudette), why? Anyway, if this first hit wasn’t what they were looking for, why did they carry on two pages to find our link?

nerdy coffee table: Is well worth a Google image search. Incidentally, when did Google images get all crazy?

les s’accident sex gags: “Did you mean ‘less‘accident sex gags’?” Maybe. I have no idea what this Googler was looking for, but I bet they didn’t find it. Personally I like the idea of a “S’accident”… whatever it might be. Sounds like a regular accident but softer and more continental.

dune rock band photos: I’d like to see photos of a Dune themed band too. Google says, I can no has.

gay jokes tub: Sounds like something you’d find in the discount aisle of a toy store. “Joke Tub! Contains 101 Hilarious Gay Jokes!” Or, more accurately, hope not to find.

do people know twilight in russian: I’m pretty sure Russia also has the same transitioning from day into night as the rest of the world. Well, since the Iron Curtain came down at least. 

jesus vader: Urban Dictionary says “Jesus Christ with a Darth Vader helmet and a jedi sword. He’s more powerful than the real Jesus. He’s also evil.” Sounds pretty rad to me. But this is also worth a look.

coolie creepy: In the deep South the ghosts of lynched slaves roam the night. The effect is “coolie creepy”.

do mathematicians wear lab coats?: Only douchie ones.

zombie farm gardens: Not surprising, though somewhat disappointing, “Zombie Farm” turns out to be an app game. Not somewhere you can visit.

zombie owl tattoo: Sounds terrifying. Sadly, nothing on Google images lives up to my imagination.

evil crumb crusher: Hepster’s Dictionary says “crumb crushers” are teeth. It voices no opinion on what an “evil crumb crusher” might be.

and the nerd of the month winner is: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James.

what to say to nerds: That is a good question. I never know. They’re so apt to fly off the handle at anything little thing. Even when you’re just making small talk by asking them about their hobbies in a vaguely bored and semi-sarcastic voice.

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