Nerd of the Month: September and October 2010

NOTM September 2010: Carol Fowler, who is crusading for stricter breeding guidelines for King Charles Cavaliers. The dogs suffer from occipital hypoplasia and syringomyelia (a condition whereby fluid filled cavities develop within the spinal cord) caused by breeding practices.

We think her devotion and drive for something so specialized qualifies her for NOTM. I especially appreciate her fighting the man and the women.

Her dog’s story can be read here.

The bit about her from the BBC doc:

NOTM October 2010: Sir Terry Pratchett. We had a rule that Nerd of the Month nominees could not be “professional nerds”. Having sold 65 million copies of his Discworld novels, I’d say that qualifies Pratchett as a pro-nerd. So much so that he was knighted for it.

But what makes him a NOTM is he celbrated by making a “highly magical” sword out of meteorites. Read more about it here.

“It annoys me that knights aren’t allowed to carry their swords. That would be knife crime.” ~ Sir Terry Pratchett

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