Coming To Terms: “baby jesus made of butter” (Nov 2010)

mary mcdonnell fanfic: Though they were probably looking for some RPS (real person slash), I like to think Mary McDonnell is spending her post-BSG years writing E.T./ALF crossover slash.

captains log shit: Though I can imagine Kirk keeping records of his bowel movements for Starfleet “prosteriority”, the thought of Jean Luc doing so makes me giggle.

an offer u cant refuse: And a sentence you can’t spell.

turd machine: Not many people know this was the original name of the website.

gay sexy darth vader: Redundant search string. As if a gay Darth Vader would be anything other than sexy.

masonic got postcard: Remember the Free Mason’s short-lived postcard campaign “Got Secrets?” The milk on the upper lip created unfortunate associations though and they quickly discontinued the mail-outs. You can still find the cards on eBay sometimes.

value village at halloween. the package: Halloween in a bag. Not just the cheap costumes but ALL OF HALLOWEEN. The whole package. It’s a scream of a deal.

cheesiest pizza: In Chicago it’s apparently at Gino’s North. Judging from the exterior, I’m surprised someone lived to tell about it.

women having a turd in a tub: Kind of a random search, don’t you think. I wonder why people want to see pictures of women keeping Charlie Sheen captive in an ice cream container.

ginger gay scat: Gay scat comes in all flavours. Ginger and cinnamon are my favourites.

harper smallpox: Recently Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper shocked the nation by proposing the reinstatement of the policy of supplying Frist Nations populations with “blankets infected with smallpox.” The plan had been modernized by actually substituting smallpox with Beiber.

 star trek beverly fix: Still can’t do better than Doctober. In related news, Diana Muldaur who played Beverly Crusher’s second season replacement Dr. Pulaski, on TNG was in an episode of TOS we watched the other day. And she was HOT.

“raiding gear” motivational: So that’s why I’m not feeling very motivated lately. I’m not wearing raiding gear to work. Better remedy that for our next team meeting.

if the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?: “Oh man, that’s a tough question. What do you think I should choose? What do you mean it’s subjective? How do I know what to pick? Come on, bro, just tell me. Fine, be like that. I’ll just Google it, asshole.”

baby jesus made of butter: Would you be allowed to roll your corn on his belly? I would anyway.

couldn’t make all the symbols out on the knife: That’s the kind of Google search that only works when Willow is “doing computers” for Giles.

modifications for nerds: “I installed a new 900MHz awkwardness suppressor and I don’t sweat in the elevator anymore.”

rachel friends can i still 29 e keep with him: Wut?

drawing of russian language: “Now class, before me move on from the bowl of fruit to the human figure, we’re going to spend a class drawing the Russian language. You’ll be amazed at how challenging and rewarding it is.”

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