Episode 99 – Pioneer Cage Match (UNH #4)

January 28, 2011

Jakob totally forgot to put the theme music at the start of this episode. Fitting, since there was no electro-funk in pioneer times. The oversight might have been because Jakob has almost no interest in all things pioneer—something Mandi revels in. She’d have remembered the theme songs.

Jakob did remember to include a theme to a new segment debuting this episode : BANANGEL. Igor & The Banana discuss the Buffy spin-off, Angel.

Episode 98 – Unhurdled

January 21, 2011


Regular listeners (such as @Not_Scott who suggested this topic) have probably noticed there are plenty of classic fandoms and nerdy pursuits we’ve never attempted to hurdle.

Probably our most requested topic is Dr. Who / Torchwood and we’ve never seen any of it. Not entirely true, as kids we’d both seen some of the ubiquitous Tom Baker series and Jakob watched the first two episodes of the Christopher Eccleston series. It’s something we’re going to hurdle. Just not right away.

But something we have hurdled is Sims 3. Even if we do just make it mirror our real life. The weird thing is our real life has begun to mirror our Sims’ life.  It’s approaching some kind of meta singularity.

Sim-Jakob and real Jakob make pancakes in red pants.

 The book series Mandi references with the girl who is flat chested and has a “strong nose” is Sweep.

Apollo Ghosts video featuring wrestler The Divine Prophet, lead singer of The Madonna Bangers.

Episode 97 – Growing Up Nerd

January 14, 2011

Nerds gotta come from somewhere.

Unsurprisingly, like all youths and adults, they come from small children. But are nerds born or are they made? That’s a puzzle that’s never been satisfactorily solved. Yes, shockingly, even on this episode we don’t come up with the definitive answer.

Jakob: Ten-year-old weirdo. Who wouldn’t hit that in kissing tag?

So many factors could make a child a nerd. ADHT, Asperger’s Syndrome, parents with dorky fashion sense, an over-active imagination, intelligence, poor eyesight… the proverbial list could fill a data base (created by someone who was a nerd as a child, no doubt).

Some people grow out of their nerdiness. All it might take is growing old enough to wrest control of their wardrobe from their mom who thinks velour is the last word in fashion.

Other’s have no choice but to be nerds. It’s just who they are. Too earnest, too good, too smart, too socially obtuse. It has nothing to do with fashion, eyewear or their interests, it’s in their very DNA (Dork-Nerd-Algorithm).

Interestingly, many things that earmark adults as nerds aren’t nerdy in childhood and vice versa. An eight-year-old playing with Star Wars figures is your average child. A twenty-eight-year-old building a Millenium Falcon out of Lego is a nerd. A child building a circuit out of a battery, some wires and a LED is a science nerd, an adult doing the same thing is an electrician.

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer. What are your stories?

There’s An App For That. For them. And For Us.

January 13, 2011

Our sister podcast Starbase 66 blogged a while back about something we should have mentioned before now. The following text is shamelessly cribbed from that post.

Simply Syndicated, our home base, has launched a new app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It allows you to stream Nerd Hurdles and other fine programs (like Starbase 66) and take part in our virtual community of amazing people. You should download it right now.

Coming to Terms (Dec 2010): Important events in Christina Aguilera’s life

January 10, 2011

wow what a nerd: I feel like this is the number the librarian sings to express her unrequited love for the model train enthusiast in the off-broadway musical, Miss American Pi!

holy s**t Russian: In Soviet Russia expletives censor you.

important events in christina aguilera’s life: First solid poop, March 7, 1981. First “bad touch” from a show business type, July 21, 1990. Completed Super Mario World, September 19, 1993.

degrassi junior high girls: Kevin Smith’s been on Google again.

j-hook turd: The “ringer” is passé. The refined turd enthusiast knows the “J-hook” is where true turdistry lies.

legolas and lucius baby: I have no words for this at this time.

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Episode 96 – Vampire Cage Match

January 7, 2011

The whole point of this episode was to make it up to people who were upset by our treatment of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in our Buffy episode. Because, really, one of the other two is the obvious biggest hurdle. In hindsight, this is probably not going to appease the Buffsters. And Twihards (not to mention the abomination that are Twilight Moms) probably aren’t going to be happy either. There’s no recasting this time around at least.

Vampire fans might question why the Anne Rice Lestativerse isn’t on the card here. Blade and Underworld and good old Dracula as well could probably have cases made for them being bigger nerd hurdles than either Buffy or Trueblood. And people would be right to question our oversight. But let’s be honest, there’s only one franchise we were ever going to name as the biggest hurdle winner of Round 3 (not to spoiler the episode, but take a wild guess).

Throwing Blade into the mix might have monkey-wrenched the outcome we were carefully rigging. Because, goddamn, that Blade is hella nerdy. Heck, Westley Snipes is a hurdle unto himself.

Underworld though probably isn’t popular enough to be in the running for Ultimate Hurdle and Dracula is somewhat (for some uncomprehendable reason) universally loved.

We should probably have  talked more about the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat novels in the episode. Because they remain primarily a literary fandom instead of a film franchise, getting into her world is by definition a nerd hurdle. Also the popular perception her books are written only for velvet-caped goths is going to keep many people away. Truly, the Anne Rice books could have been in the running. If not for the existence of the clear winner.

There’s surprisingly few Twilight Vs. Trueblood videos out there. This one seemed pretty funny at 2am on New Years.

The song that plays during the cage match “promo” and at the end of the episode is “Yo-Yo- Daddy-O” by superPOP and can be downloaded at the Arachnidiscs Free Downloads page.

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