Episode 111 – HE MARRIED A MUGGLE!

So much has happened since the prince of one of the UK’s most powerful wizarding families took a muggle for a bride, it’s hard to believe it was only a week ago. We talk about the historic wedding and what it means for the Royal Family and the world.

Later in the episode, Igor and The Banana talk about the beginning of Angel, Season 3 (which Igor mistakenly calls Season 2. Well, we all know that guy has problems).

6 Responses to Episode 111 – HE MARRIED A MUGGLE!

  1. Hey! Thank you for using my video about the tragic (?) death of Lord Voldemort!

    Nice podcast, I love the hilariousness of your sarcasm.

  2. Doug says:

    Sweet Jesus, this episode… ugh.

  3. nerdhurdles says:

    I’m continually impressed with how much of a hurdle the combination of Potter and the royal wedding was. We’ve taken more flack for this episode than we have in a long time. Generally gentle flack, but flack none the less. This one was a love it or hate it episode for listeners.

    It’s still one of the episodes I’m most proud of (not the Igor/Banana part. Those two I’m finding increasingly tiresome). But I remain chuffed at how awesome and clever we are. 😉

    Having made my peace with Potter (I’m much more neutral to the Potterverse than I was when we started the ppdcast), I find it interesting how divisive a topic it is! Who knew?


    • Doug says:

      I don’t know. You were just so sincere about it. It was like watching a group of people LARPing. Congrats for sticking with it, but, yikes. This is the first episode I had to shut off.

      All that aside, I DO really enjoy your podcast.

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