Episode 118 – Bored Games 2 (with Kennedy)

June 24, 2011

Looking over the shownotes of our first board games episode, it seems to me we cover absolutely no new ground in this episode. Except of course this episode contains 100% more Kennedy of the Starbase 66 and Books You Should Read podcasts. And really, any topic would have just been an excuse to hang out and gab.

This was recorded just before the Charlie Sheen #winning explosion and before every single person knew what Angry Birds is all about. Amazing how fast pop culture moves.


Settlers of Catan

List of Monopoly editions

Possible board game movies

Best movie board games


Empire Sucks Back

June 20, 2011


A little while back we were invited onto the Master’s Of None podcast for one of their Sucks or Rules shows to debate the 4th worst Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. I took sucks, Art took rules. Unfortunately, due to my computer’s crappy Skype connection and some other technical difficulties, the episode had to be scrapped. If you want to suffer through the sub-standard audio quality (on our end), you can listen to the unedited file by clicking above. If you don’t want to decode our Imperial probe droid Skype voices, you can read my argument below. Conveniently, Art’s side of the debate will not be reproduced here.

My argument is based on two suppositions:

A) Star Wars (aka A New Hope) is a perfectly told story and, for the time it was made at least, perfectly executed.

B) The Empire Strikes Back is not only considered the best Star Wars movie, but widely considered the best sci-fi movie ever made. Not only do I think it doesn’t stand up again the original film (or even, to some extent, the one that follows), I don’t think it’s a very good film period.

And by “not very good”, I mean actually kind of sucks gundark poodoo.

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Episode 117: Debating Debators of Debate

June 17, 2011

debate team

Forget chess clubs, forget spelling bees, forget matheletes and band camp, if you want to discuss nerdy school activities, citing the debate team itself is a strong argument.

Not only is it an intellectual pursuit but there’s a huge element of dorky role-playing involved. It’s sort of like the law court or government version of LARPing. Even spelling bee kids admit it’s just a spelling bee. The sophists on the debate team always seemed to really believe they were preparing for future careers as UN diplomats or that their dialectic tournaments really mattered in some way.

Or this negative attitude of mine towards these deliberating debutantes could have simply been a slacker’s knee-jerk aversion to people who seem to care about things. Fashion sense, physical attributes and social graces aside, one of the things that separates the nerd from the chaff is earnest sincerity and enthusiasm. You’ll never find a cooly-wooly getting hot and bothered about contentious issues such as euthanasia, abortion and capital punishment. Feigned indifference about such things, if not outright obtuseness, is what makes them cool. Conversely, it also makes them douchebags.

Well, that and not caring if the Enterprise or a Star Destroyer would win in a fire fight.

That makes them cool. Anyone who care about that is a douchebag of a nerdier colour.

Links + Videos:

Dr. Charles Smith

The Age of Persuasion (CBC advertizing podcast)

Tibetan sky burial

FutureStates: Plastic Bag

Cage Match 6: Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy

June 10, 2011

Science Fiction. Fantasy. In any bookstore or public library you’ll find them lumped together as Sci-Fi/Fant. Often this is fair since there’s a lot of an “You got peanut butter on my chocolate”  approach taken with both genres.

Or as Miriam Allen deFord said, “Science fiction deals with improbable possibilities, fantasy with plausible impossibilities.

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Episode 115 – Oh, Kanada

June 3, 2011

Canada, really? The true north strong and free is a hurdle? Well,  Sgt. Kanada on the forums suggested we do an episode where we explain Canada to non-Canadians. Well, we recorded this episode instead where we explain nothing.

But Canada really can be a hurdle sometimes. Or at least the Canada made up of polite Mounties playing hockey with sticks made of old Tim Horton’s cups glued together with maple syrup and pucks made of beaver pelts sure is.

It’s a hurdle because it’s all lies.

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Stephen Harper strangles kittens and sexy very rape (search terms, May 2011)

June 1, 2011

Springtime and a young Googler’s fancy turns to the gutter.

stamp fuck it: I wish they sold these at Office Depot along side the “Recieved” and “Draft” stamps. I suspect stamping “FUCK IT” in bold, red letters on documents that cross my desk would be very cathartic.

f for fuckballs: If I ever have a genderless baby, this is the alphabet poster I’m getting it. A is for Assholes multiplying like flies. B is for Bullshit piled up to the sky. C is for cock, everyone’s favourite tweet. D is for Dickheads crowding the street…

turd lips: Weird. Someone discovered Mandi’s secret pet name for me. Even I didn’t know that’s what it is.

انمي sexy very rape: The script there, not surprisingly, is “anime” in Arabic. We also got a search for  “انمي اغتصاب” which is simply “anime rape” without the superfluous adjectives.  This kind of implies there is, reassuringly, no phrase in Arabic for “sexy very rape” which no language should have a need for. Yet apparently English does. Incidentally, the Japanese word for “sexy very rape” turns out to be anime.

anime i adore u: U has so much sexy very rape.

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