Episode 122 – Summer Bummers

July 29, 2011

Summer is a terrible time of year. According to Jakob.

Links: Ogopogo.

Episode 121: HP7DHPt2 (Accio Spoilers)

July 22, 2011

deathly hallows part 2 podcast

We’ve given you a full week to see the film and something like four years to read the book, so we’re not even going to bother warning you this episode/blog post contains spoilers. Your puny Petronus is no match for our Avada Spoilavra anyway.

A decade of Harry Potter comes to a close with HP7DHPt2. Which is the second half of the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and not a new virulent strain of the flu.

Yet, like a malaise, this cinematic end is causing acute sadness in some people. It’s the end of a magical era. There will no longer be another installment to look forward to; No annual booster shot of enchantment to revive the spell cast by the books that were such a profound experience for so many.

In others there’s merely this vague sense of relief or, if that’s putting it too strongly, a sense of finality somewhat similar to putting a cherished pet to sleep after a long and fulfilled life. But a pet you were never really that fond of. What’s playing next?

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Nerd Hurdles on Atomic Trivia War 9000

July 15, 2011

potter trivia

No episode from us this week as we were on vacation last week. Tune in again next week.

But fret not, we are on the Atomic Trivia War 9000 podcast getting questions wrong.

Listen to our shame HERE.

Episode 120: STEAMPUNK’D

July 13, 2011

The most legitimate or most dubious of all cosplay fandoms? ‘Tis a conundrum which is devilishly difficult to deduce an answer to. For a sub-genre that’s never had a bona-fide “even your mother knows it” hit, steampunk sports a deucedly large legion of dedicated followers.

Perhaps this is due to this same underground status. Fans can be as creative as they want without dressing like any particular character. And what razzes a fan’s berries more than their favourite games, books and movies being virtually unrecognized by the general public? Or the general public being unaware a film such as Wild Wild West is part of a larger subculture (though perhaps steampunkers would like to forget about that one too).

Reading list: Leviathan (Westerfeld); Airborn (Oppel); The Shadow In The North (Pullman); His Dark Materials (Pullman); Firefly (Serenity comics)

Darth jesus, unicorn pride and cocoroach porn

July 2, 2011

June search terms round-up. The Internet hasn’t gotten its mind out of the gutter yet.

you can take this gu from me: No. You keep it.

the kid hacker: He’s like the Horse Whisperer except he lifehacks your kids so they don’t suck.

is ll cool a freemason: Because of the font I thought this was II as in ii. Like 2 Cool. Which I assumed must be a hot new rapper so I Googled it to be all up in the know. Turns out this is  LL as in LL Cool J, a cold old rapper. And who cares if he’s a Freemason? In unrelated news, you can now call me II Kool.

pictures of science quizzes: I get the feeling some kid spent more hours doing image searches hoping to find their upcoming science quiz with the answers filled in than they ever would have studying.

baltar weird face: There is something slightly simian about it.

nerd with tapered pants: Le. Var. Burton.

darth jesus: I dunno. Darth Jesus seems like such an easy gag. Darth Brooks on the other hand is pure frakking genius.

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Episode 119 – Behind the Curtain (Gag Reel 4)

July 1, 2011

Ignore the podcasters behind the curtain.

Not so much a collection of gaffs, blunders and bloopers, our fourth “gag reel” is more like deleted scenes, alternate endings and candid moments from between takes.

Mostly it’s tangents that were edited out for being too tangential to even be easter eggs. A look behind the curtain, so to speak, or a chance to hang out in Jakob and Mandi’s basement with their cats. If that’s your kind of thing you might even enjoy this tangy collection of tangents.

If this is your first time here, please consider listening to one of our other episodes first.

Links: Simply Syndicated Toronto Meet-up 2011 thread.

Emily The Strange / Rosamond (not Ramona) plagiarism controversy.

The terrible X-Files fan fic Mandi used to read.

The Beaver Fever video Kennedy mentions:

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