Episode 127 – Crime and Punishment

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Police dramas and legal dramas have been a staple of television programming since television was called radio. This week Jakob and Mandi investigate and prosecute infamous television cops and lawyers. Murder One and Law & Order are named in the indictment but, as with any police dragnet, many key suspects elude capture.

A few suspiciously absent villains are the gritty, delightfully cynical Homicide: Life on the Street and Murder One creator Steven Bochco‘s LA Law, NYPD Blue and the game-changer for all television cop shows, Hillstreet Blues. Really, we could have done an episode just on Bochco shows. Just check out his resume.

He didn’t, however, create the longest-running crime drama on American primetime television, Law & Order. That was created by Dick Wolf. The man with, I think, the funniest name in television.

I wonder if the Lupus Penes was responsible for Jerry Orbach’s ridiculous one-liners. Which were never as ridiculous as David Caruso’s one-liners in CSI: Miami.

Other pieces of evidence:

Exhibit A: Sam, The Guy From Quincy.

Exhibit B: Det, Lennie Brisco (Jerry Orbach) quotes.

Exhibit C: PBS Mystery Theatre intro

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