The Empire Sucks Back: The Zine

October 29, 2011

Purchase The Empire Sucks BackThe Empire Sucks Back

The epic blog post is now a zine! Jakob’s controversial views on exactly what makes The Empire Strikes Back a bad movie are expounded in this 16-page essay. Since there is no “try”, it’s up to you to decide if he does or does not make a strong argument.  Afraid? You will be… you will be…

$3 CAD (shipping incl.)


Episode 130 – Going To The Library

October 12, 2011


This week we are joined by our soft-spoken librarian friend Stephen about the most hallowed of all nerd haunts, the public library. Together we comb the stacks in search of the fiction, non-fiction and history behind the stigmas and stereotypes of the institution, its employees and its patrons.

Links: We would have written about famous librarians in pop culture but a blog called The Despectacled Librarian has already done more research on the subject than we care to.
Librarians in song

Librarians on TV
Librarians in movies

Libreas Podcast (as in Library Ideas… see what they done there?). Interestingly the name is a pun in English but the podcast is actually in German.

Search Terms September: Darth Porn and Stupid Giant Robots

October 3, 2011

darth porn: I guess George Lucas is running out of words with negative connotations to name new Sith characters after. Darth Tax Au’dit, Darth Plahd Sh’ert and  Darth Hemor-Rhoid all failed to inspire the requisite sense of menace.

darth redenbacher how to draw tie fighter: This is a perfectly legitimate search in itself. I started formulating a joke about instead giving instructions for drawing a bow tie and then MY BRAIN IMPLODED. It’s taken me 34 years to figure out they’re called TIE Fighters because they look like fucking bow ties. Fuck you George Lucas and your bullshit naming conventions.

huge thai fighter fuck:
I know it’s entirely unrelated, but now I can only picture Orville Redenbacher fucking a Thai boxing ladyboy.

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