Do not succumb to porn. Weird search terms, March 2012.

April 19, 2012

Due to a variety of reasons, I’m way late with our March round-up of unusual search terms. In unrelated news, the world didn’t end.

fashion for 80’s nerds men: A good tip for nailing nerd fashion is to dress like someone in their 80’s.

are birkinstocks for nerds: Only if the nerds are lesbians.

what do mathematicians wear: Birkenstocks.

nerd scum: A colloquial term for the residue build up found on track-pads and mice. It commonly consists of skin cells, sebaceous fluid and Dorito’s seasoning.

the hurdle sex toy: Our plans for the “Wangina”—a combination penis and vagina sex toy—was abandoned. Mostly because we couldn’t figure out what that would look like.

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Episode 144 – GEOCACHING

April 13, 2012

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Pretending your phone is a Tricorder to find buried treasure while avoiding Muggles… what’s nerdy about that?

Well, it turns out Geocaching is a nerdy sub-culture with it’s own language. At least we eventually figured out what BYOP means.

At first it seemed silly that you were instructed to avoid the notice of “muggles” (non-Geocachers). But then we found ourselves poking around in the alley behind a McDonald’s like a couple of cracked-out hobos trying to find their lost stash. Not too far from the truth, once you catch the bug, actually.

The second cache we found.

Happy Easter, Nerds!

April 7, 2012


In honour of Easter I made some lovely Jesus stigmata cookies. -Mandi

Star Trek Voyager Voyages: Season 3

April 3, 2012

Season 3 of Star Trek: Voyager, begins by going back to the Basics

Episode 43: Basics, Part 2

The crew must learn to survive on the inhospitable planet as the Doctor, Crewman Suder and Paris attempt to regain control of the ship.

Let me rewrite the synopsis for this one: The crew encounters some really cheesy neanderthals in jumpsuits and a terribly rendered CGI space slug, ruining what could have been a really great Die Hard-esque episode with Suder crawling around in Jefferiess tubes to regain control of the ship. 

Suder gets killy in the Basics

Besides being a bit ridiculous and poorly written, the entire storyline on the planet is pointless since you flat-out know they’re going to be rescued. This is Star Trek: Voyager not Star Trek: 10,000 BC so obviously they’re getting back on the ship by the end.

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