Episode 144 – GEOCACHING

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Pretending your phone is a Tricorder to find buried treasure while avoiding Muggles… what’s nerdy about that?

Well, it turns out Geocaching is a nerdy sub-culture with it’s own language. At least we eventually figured out what BYOP means.

At first it seemed silly that you were instructed to avoid the notice of “muggles” (non-Geocachers). But then we found ourselves poking around in the alley behind a McDonald’s like a couple of cracked-out hobos trying to find their lost stash. Not too far from the truth, once you catch the bug, actually.

The second cache we found.

2 Responses to Episode 144 – GEOCACHING

  1. Agustin Chancusi says:

    Hi Jakob and Mandi:

    What a great episode! I did’t know what Geocaching is, so it was completely surprised to learn about it.
    It seems to be really funny. I would have never thought about something like that.

    Guess what? I donwloaded the Geocaching App you sugested, and I discovered that there are (at least) 3 Geocaching places in my city (Quito).
    I will definitely try to get to those containers and write on the logbooks!

    (Who knows? Perhaps I can make a Geocaching container of my own to share with others…)

    Keep up the great work of the podcast.

    Agustin Chancusi C.
    Quito – Ecuador

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