Weird Search Terms June 2012: geeks are truly nerds

we so special aren’t we: We is that. So special we due for a pocalypse.

selene underworld porn pitchers: Toss those videos right in here. Schwing battabattabatta schwing!

بورن هوب سكس سكس امريكي اغتصاب: “Born U.S. hop sex sex rape” WTF ? Maybe something was lost in the translation?  O_o

rape sexy movie for adults: Sure, they’re classics but those Disney rape sexy movies are watered-down versions for the kiddies.

seven of nine cameltoe: Also weird camel-ribs. What’s up with those?

stargate captain carter cameltoe: Carter Cameltoe got a lot of ribbing about his name at the Academy.

seven of nine chakotay fanfiction: That is the least likely… no… just no.

dan mully & foxx sculder: It’s finally happened. Porn stars have run out of names.

“nerd swords”: Starring Dan Mully and Foxx Sculder.

famous people with asperger’s: An interesting LIST though their definition of “famous” seems a little debatable. Oddly, Dan Mully does not appear.

goth and nerd couple: I’m more interested to see the not nerdy goth couple. Find me a truly cool goth couple and I will admit your Google-fu is strong. Still, it’d be fun to match any two of these up.

nerd girl difference: What makes all the awkward, chubby boys mouth-breath in her direction? It’s the nerd girl difference. Eau de la Fille Nerdy, available at Wal-Mart. Vive la différence!

nerds witty funny sexy cute: Some sort of Google roulette I think?

i call them nerds because: they’re nerds.

i m nerdy and i know: No, you don’t. Real nerds understand punctuation.

like nerd: Like Son, starring Chevy Chase and Seth Rogan as an estranged father/son duo of computer technicians forced to work together during an on-site service call. Hilarity ensues.

geeks are truly nerds: In related news, cats are truly felines.

nerds meme people who think they are actual: but really they don’t exist.

how to dress like a hot nerd for men: Step one: Don’t dress like a nerd.

out of 100 people how are nerds: Nerds are doing okay, generally. It’s a little hot out, and the job market is tough, but on a per capita basis, their living conditions are about average.

chart of the girl with the nerds in big bang theory: She sleeps with them all and they keep a chart? They’re not nerds, they’re Pi Sigs.

epic truth about geek and nerdy girls: <mindblown> They. Are. The. Same. Thing. </mindblown>

Thai and Jakob '91

Click to embiggenate.

does anyone have pics of kwalikum secondary school 2012 prom?: No, but I do from the Kwalikum Secondary 1991 prom. Or shortly before, to be exact.

fur trader getting sick: on their own supply. Smoking fur gets you fucked.

calvin and hobbes people are scum: Lots of people are scum, but those Calvin and Hobbes people are the worst.

lindsey stirling pants: She should have a line of stirrup pants. Stirling-ups. The nerds who like her videos would probably wear that shit. Especially the guys.

lindsey stirling eyes: Appear to be unable to focus on anything. I still think she’s blind. No one takes in their surroundings with that much of a sense of wonderment. It’s psychologically impossible.

structure daniel prophet: Daniel, the prophet, was structured with his leg bone being connected to his knee bone, and his knee bone connected to his thigh bone, and his thigh bone connected to his  hip bone, and so on in accordance with the wisdom of  the prophet James Weldon Johnson.

green ass fucking gif: Like THIS?

why are sex shops so expensive?: Do you really want to stick something up inside you that you bought at Dollarama?

the empire sucks: This is a snippet of dialogue from the legendary deleted Tosche station scenes. A few other lost bon mots are “Uncle Owen? More like Uncle Blowin’!” and “Dude, where’s my landspeeder?”

turd with lips: Are we talking about Mr. Hankey or Mitt Romney?

images of turd and urine:  Sadly, no production stills exist of Seth MacFarlane’s saturday morning cartoon which got shelved by Fox when he couldn’t secure the rights to the titular Mr. Hankey and Mitt Romney characters.

prono faild gifs: i hayt gugal. stoopid. nevr fine wut i wont awn it.

how to propose to a comic book nerd: “The world faces a new evil and we must join to fight it. Will you join me or will you remain a lazy coward hiding from the world in your mother’s basement?… Oh, I’m sorry, your Fortress of Solitude…  Dammit, Jason, I know your parents weren’t killed by criminals… Your mom does your laundry. Besides Batman doesn’t live in the Fortress of Solitude, that’s Superman. Even I know… Right, he does in that fan movie you’re never going to make… No, honey, I do believe in you that’s why I want you to move in with… Fine, when you decide you want to grow up, I’ll be waiting in the real world. But don’t expect to find me waiting!”

turds equal nicholas porn: That’s not a nice thing to say about Film Force Films. They’re not so much porn as funny. Comedy porn if you will. Minimal scat references.

how to dra fox mulder step by step 3: If you’re serious about draing Fox Mulder, you really need to start at step one. The first two steps in the dra process might not seem as exciting as that culminative step 3, but they are the foundations for a successful dra.

pictures of jason/the slasher: That’s the weirdest dopplecest slash art concept I’ve ever heard of.

slogans for knife crimes: “It’s not as fun with a gun” and “Sharpen Twice for the Nicer Slice!”

hentai girl tied down while bug: ging her younger brother. Demon tentacles shouldn’t prevent a sibling form fulfilling their familial duties.

nooooo cat: bus

betty la neurds: This is pre-Revolutionary French term (erroneously attributed to the Marquis de Sade) for the act of “scrotum paddling” though whether the context is erotic or a form of torture is lost to history.

red forman in the villain suit: Not any old villain suit, THEE villian suit. Darth Vader one would assume. In which case, how can you tell if it’s Red Forman?

this is what people who call themselves look like: Something like THIS  or THIS but without the watermark.

cyber burn goggles: This is why shouldn’t you wear sunglasses for an extended gaming session. sure, you might save your retinas from the dreaded cyber burn, but you end up looking like a tool.

lestat and bella swan: After the years of ribbing Lestat Swan and his wife endured at the hands of their society friends over the Interview With The Vampire craze in the 1990s, they thought they were in the clear. Then at a dinner party in 2005 at the McDonald’s house, the Swans were handed a book called Twilight.

where no one has gone before episode: “You know, that one epsiode of Star Trek when they explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. That one. What’s it called?”

robert duncan mcneill gay: This month’s count, 85. There must be something to it.

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