April 25, 2013

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Since starting the Nerd Hurdles, two fandoms we’ve known we’d eventually have to cover would be Xena: Warrior Princess and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We’ve eluded them for years, we’re tired of running. It’s time.

Like we did with Harry PotterBSG and Angel, at the end of every episode we’re going to record a Xenaphobes (or Xenaphiles?) or a Deep Shite Nine (or Tief in der Scheiße? Nein!) segment of what we’ve witnessed.

So far it turns out that both shows are simultaneously “not as bad” and “far worse” than we remembered. Luckily, both are more entertaining as well.

Episode 166: SHERLOCK

April 19, 2013


Is BBC’s Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, fanfic in itself or is it the most blatantly fanfic trolling series ever devised?

The sweet, tortured UST between Sherlock and Watson in this iteration of the classic characters is palpable. More than palpable, it’s almost maliciously tantalizing.

I say “malicious” because, don’t fool yourself, Sherlock and Watson are never getting into the sack. There will be no tender kiss. No drunken, passionate rutting. No death bed declarations of love. It’s not going to happen.

And not, I don’t think, because the producers are too chicken to make this the first openly gay Holmes/Watson pairing. I think, if they wanted, they’d go for it. Steven Moffat has brought the gay to TV already.

But I think they’d rather play Moriarty and just fuck with us.

Speaking or Moriarty, on the episode we forgot to talk about Andrew Scott‘s portrayal of the devilish criminal mastermind. I was never quite sure what I really thought of him. Even during a single scene—actually, during the delivery of a single line in a scene—I’d vacillate between finding him brilliant and disappointing.

True, part of me simply wanted the character to be the traditional older, chilly, more Terrance Stamp-ish type of menace. Instead Scott is (not surprisingly given Moffat’s involvement) more of a Dr. Who type. Obviously he’d be a time lord gone pretty bad, but he displayed that kind of silly, manic genius (contrasting, of course, with Sherlock’s reserved genius) that turns me off of Dr. Who as a character in general. I wouldn’t be shocked if they announce he’s the next Doctor.

Anyway, I was able to buy from his performance that the character was a criminal genius. But I wasn’t able to swallow he’d built and controlled the kind of criminal network Kaiser Soze would find daunting. Which is kind of integral to Moriarty’s character. You have to believe he could be, not just a genius, but effin’ Moriarty.

One final observation: The whole thing is some kind of alternate universe Pet Shop Boys fanfic, right? Right?


Episode 165: BONES

April 3, 2013

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This is probably our favourite TV show of all time. We probably like it more than any Star Trek or either Buffy series. It’s not necessarily better than any of those shows. It’s not even necessarily the best procedural out there. But damn if it isn’t easy to watch and satisfying as sleeping in a coffee sunbeam on bed made of calorie-free donuts. It’s also, perhaps, the only time a production team has been able to drag out a UST-heavy Mary-Sue for six or seven seasons successfully. Someone finally did it right and this might be the best love story of our generation. well, better than Twilight anyway.

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