Episode 171: CATS

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CATS! They might not be “man’s best friend” but they sure are the Internet’s best friend.

If you’re one of those (unfortunate) people who are instinctively mistrustful of cats, we also discuss two very different DS9 episodes (“Melora” and “Necessary Evil“) in the final third of the show.

Our listeners have already pointed out something great we didn’t talk about: BBC‘s Secret Life of the Cat. Even the website is pretty great.

Also pretty awesome: Cats With Owl Faces.

But more awesome? OMG CATS IN SPACE.

And just because we can, here are our cats, clockwise from top left: Quita, Bartleby, Cardi, Bartleby, Pan, Bartleby, Quita.

Click to embiggen

More: Bartleby, Eddie (neighbour’s cat), Bartleby, Pan, Bartleby, Pan

Click to embiggen

Their iPad masterpiece created in situ on the podcast (suitable for framing)!

Our cats' painting!


Sad Cat Diary

Henri, the French existentialist cat

Maru compilation

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