Episode 181: Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

December 24, 2013


Jakob, Mandi and Kathie go to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. That last part is important. There was no actual time travel involved.

Additional historical references:

She Does The City (Blog): Flirting With A Knight In Shining Armour 

A Trip to Medieval Times,  Toronto

A Knight Explains His Job…

Episode 180: Nerd Parenting

December 4, 2013


Dan drops by, like a diaper-bomb of doodie, to talk about nerd parenting. Or at least being a nerd who is the parent of a pink princess-loving diva. Episode topic suggested by Justin Mehr (whose nerd spawn provided the intro audio as well).

Also, this came in from Dan after the recording:


If you’d like to learn more about being a nerd parent parenting nerds, the My Talking Head blog features an informative series by K.G. Smith called Nerd Parenting 101.

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