Episode 187: Soylent Taupe


We return to Dan’s Devil’s Bucket List of classic—or at least infamously terrible— sci-fi movies that everyone always references, but he’s never seen. So he makes us sit through them with him. In this third installment, we ingest the 1973 dystopian classic, SOYLENT GREEN.



6 Responses to Episode 187: Soylent Taupe

  1. linddykal says:

    I saw this a few years back, I was expecting it to be campy and was surprised about how dark and “rapey” (for lack of a better word) it was. Maybe as a reaction for the women’s lib stuff happening at the time? idk.

    • nerdhurdles says:

      I think the film-makers’ intentions were an honest attempt to make it an allegory along the lines of: “We’re showing you how horrible women are treated in the future… BUT CAN’T YOU SEE THIS IS HOW THEY’RE TREATED NOW.”

      Only the “furniture” is all depicted in a pretty glamorous, sexy light so it kind of breaks down. Also, the fact that they might be essentially sex slaves, but they’re also not literally starving to death on the street, which is the only other example of life for a woman in that 2022.

      It’s the kind of complex, subtle social commentary that perhaps works better in the novel. Or maybe the novel is also just as hamfisted in its approach. Harry Harrison’s books are on my own Devil’s bucket list.

      • linddykal says:

        They’re proposing a law in Kuwait (I think) that female POW’s can be purchased as sex slaves, the justification is that their quality of life would be better than starving to death so I think you’re on to something there.

        I haven’t read the book either so I can’t say. The movie didn’t “wow” me so I don’t have plans to , but I would like to know if the movie was an adaption of a badly written book or a bad adaption of a well written book.

  2. linddykal says:

    PS I binge watched show Orange is the New Black (on Netflix, just 1 season so far) last week and I’d love to hear Mandy & you talk about it. Request!!

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