Episode 198: Sacred Rock’n’Roll Cows

October 24, 2014


The first ever Nerd Hurdles without Mandi. Instead Jakob is joined by Stephen (from episode 130: Going To The Library) to talk about the sacred cows of rock music.

Visit Stephen’s blog: Shelf Dwindle

Listen to Stephen’s music: Partli Cloudi

Episode 197: THX 1138

October 1, 2014


The fifth installment in our DAN’S DEVIL’S BUCKET LIST series in which we watch classic movies of dubious quality that Dan has never seen. In this case, the seminal sci-fi, dystopian thriller love story: Geroge Lucas’s ‘THX 1138′ — the film that lead to ‘Episode 1′ being a thing that exists. At least that’s one way of thinking about it. It’s also directly responsible for this thing.

Original vs. Director’s cut comparison. 

Next on Dan’s list: Either 2001 or Omega Man.

Episode 196: We Went To Vancouver Island

October 1, 2014


A second trip in as many weeks. We went to Vancouver Island where Jakob’s friends and family reside. This makes us seem like jet-setters which we’re so very not.

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