Episode 201: Five Armies, One Hobbit

December 23, 2014

Battle of the five armies podcast

Riddles in the dark

Question: What comes at the end but sits in the middle, is the last of six but only the third?

Answer: It’s The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies, of course. Even Gollum could get that.

We mentioned the viner named Red 6 on the episode. Here’s a supercut of his vines. In some cases the joke is in the title of the vine, which is naturally missing, but still some good gags.

Episode 200: Preview Reviews

December 19, 2014


To celebrate their 200th episode, Jakob and Mandi return to the halcyon days of Jakob’s previous podcast (P)reviews where he’d review movies based on their trailers. This episode they take a look at the four big upcoming franchise reboot/sequels—Jurassic World; Terminator: Genisys; Mad Max: Fury Road; and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As mentioned on the episode, fan art by Audrey (Whipstitch on French Girls)

by whipstitch


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Episode 199: King of Kong

December 10, 2014


A fistful of tangents. Mandi, Jakob and Dan talk about the 2007 video game documentary King of Kong as well as Downton Abbey S4, Hunger Games Mockingjay P1 and texts from superheroes. Also Mandi’s true name is revealed.

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