Episode 229: So Long, And Thanks For All The Slicé

December 21, 2018


On December 18, 2018, a full 17 months after our previous episode, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Nerd Hurdles by recording our final episode. We did it as something we swore we’d never do: a live show.

If nothing else, we proved why we never did a live show—even before having a rambunctious toddler or when Facebook and YouTube made it so easy with their livestream technology. Technically easy, that is, performing a show on live video is a definite skill we’d never developed. Respect to those who do live video shows well.

Instead we preferred to hide behind the extremely edited facade of an audio podcast. And in that spirit, above you’ll find the fully edited, audio-only version of the episode. Or if schadenfreude and fremdschämen are more your speed, watch the full, unedited, mess of a livestream below.

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