Mandi, spends her free time filling the world with pride, nerd and otherwise and petting her cats, Beans and Quita. She enjoys dressing in costumes, reading books, and people watching, but not simultaneously, although… it’s certainly a thought.


Her three favourite nerdoms are ST:TNG, LOTR and TFT (In case you were wondering that’s The Fur Trade, it was feeling sad and left out of the whole initial thing.)


Mandi’s new to podcasting, and is just thrilled to be a part of this new and exciting social media tidal wave.

30 Responses to Mandi

  1. Greg says:

    Fair enough about being “new to podcasting” but that is not inconsistent with “kicking ass and taking names.” Thanks for overcoming any hurdle you may have faced prior to podcasting.

  2. stephen rivers says:

    I just listened to Nerd Hurdles for the first time today. You two are like the most charming people I’ve ever listened to.

    Get Jakob to search online for “Weyoun and Odo” fan fiction, his disappointment at the lack of gay aliens will be totally gone! lol, you have no idea how bad it is.

    but yeah, your podcast is awesome, and I now feel compelled to go through the entire back catalogue to check everything else out!

  3. SeaJay says:

    So my roommate room made me listen to Nerd Hurdles a couple of weeks ago, thinking I might like it, and I love it!! Now because of the Star Trek Novels Episode I bought 3 of them, one of them being Imzadi. Its a paper back, not like your hard cover edition with all its dust cover goodness. I’m reading it cause you said that it would “open a part of myself” and that “you’d be surprised.” You sold me on it, as soon as I’m done reading Ghost Ship I’m going to read it.
    Cant wait to hear your new Hurdles and read Imzadi! Oh by the way your Podcast is awesome!

  4. lucsly says:

    did you change something about where troi is standing? it looks different somehow.

  5. agles says:

    anyone ever say you sound like Daria.
    well i think you do.


  6. Urban says:

    Do you read any web comics?

  7. Ginger Nuts says:

    just discovered your pod cast 2 weeks ago, got to say it is the the dogs fluffy nuts ( which is good in England) so i have slapped the other 50 episodes on my IPOD and now listen to 8 hours of nerd hurdles while at work, it is a bit nerdy in its self. which is great, it passes the time while i ignore people then spontaneously laugh in there face for some unknown reason to them. did not realise i was a nerd untill i took a hard look at my friends, they play D and D and argue what was better star trek or bab 5. i think i am now out of the nerd closet

  8. Ginger Nuts says:

    i have a Janeway hurdle or a American cheesy self righteous hurdle, i know the programe finished years ago but most sci-fi programs follow the same premise. sorry but if your in the middle of no where and every one is trying to bum f**k you your not going to stick by any rules. specially if your captain is a woman, at least once a month some unsuspecting planet is going to get photon torpedoed when the replicator wont s**t out chocolate fast enough. do you ever get sick of sci-fi predictability???

    • Mandi says:

      I’m delighted to hear that you’ve come out of the nerd closet. Liberating, isn’t it?

      I think the prdictability of sci-fi is one of the things that I like about it. It’s something I like about Star Trek anyway. You always know, generally, what’s going to happen, so it makes for nice comfortable tv.

      BSG is pretty prdictable too, except for when it isn’t, but I still get all goose-bumpy at times. Even when it’s something I totally saw coming.

      Overall, I think predictable tv makes me feel smart.

      I share your American cheesy self-righteous hurdle though, I totally do.

  9. Ginger Nuts says:

    yea i suppose your right, its like comfort food for the brain. you could not have an over complicated plot or mix s**t up too much other wise you loose mass appeal and ratings then your show gets cancelled. think thats why i liked the stuff by the guy who made buffy and fire fly. in buffy he started cheese then when he got his audience he could mix it up because he had die hard fans. i think thats why fire fly died a death he thought he could do the same but from season 1… MISTAKE!!! I have been meaning to steal the box set of BSG off a friend, he said it was really good but they do the same thing and avoid any controversial subjects. Some 1 gets raped in it and there is an argument if she should keep the baby because there are only a few humans left or get rid of it because it will be her attackers child. i thought feckin hell i dont remember that in the original series, is this on HBO? then he said they try to side step that story line. they must have been affraid off the American pro life nut jobs coming to hunt them down, chopping them up and dumping them in hudson or worse some Canadian river no 1 has heard of.

  10. Ginger Nuts says:

    Not sure what kind of shows you get from england over there in Canada but have you ever heard of one called the I.T CROWD ?

  11. Lee Dark says:

    Just listened to nerd hurdle podcast today for the first time (tron). Great entertainment. Keep up the good work. Awesome to listen to whilst at work!!

  12. kingfollower says:

    YEAH as for the IT crowd in canada you have to go online or on pbs, but the crowd is probably one of the best shows ever. Its like Big bang theory but better – blasphemy I know but still.

    • Lukas says:

      I love the podcast and im hoping u can mention me in next one if not still love the show and THE BANANA

      sent from my iphone lol

    • gingernuts says:

      i hear they are doing another series of the I.T crowd some time soon. yea i agree it is better than the big bang, it is less post teens sexual awkwardness and more basement nurdtastic funny shit

  13. Paul Forbes says:

    That’s true – you do sound like Daria. I like your voice – walk to work listening to you guys most days. I don’t get all the humor nor do I know who you’re talking about half the time but I still enjoy the Podcast.

  14. Roy says:

    I have the best idea for the worst fan fic ever. What if matilda went to hogwarts. It would be the worst story ever. I just thought id cut you in on that.

  15. SeaJay says:

    Ok first, I still listen to Nerd Hurdles I just didn’t have the internet to download new episodes. Second, thank you for apologizing but it was not needed. I actually liked Ghost Ship and Imzadi. I haven’t found Imzadi 2 yet, so I haven’t read it. And third Masks was awesome, I’m up to about 9 STNG Novels now. Cant wait for the new Hurdles, later.

  16. Dear Mandi,
    Recently I wore layered skirts because you implanted the idea that this would look cool in my brain. This was an epic win! Thank you very muchly =)
    When/ if I grow-up I would like to be you. I mean that in the least creepy way possible… hopefully!

  17. Mandi says:

    Sweet! Way to rock the layers.

  18. Zeewolf says:

    I’m nerding in from South Africa – you guys are so entertaining and relevant that the bar of the hurdle of listening to a podcast which styles itself as nerdery has been significantly lowered. And i’ve cleared it – working my way through eps 1 to 88. When are coming to expo in Africa?

  19. david goodman says:

    I ♥ the podcast keep it up and definitely go to South Africa, it truly is an amazing experience!

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