Star Trek: Catooine Adventure

The crew of the NCC-1701-D were on a well-deserved shore leave under the twin suns of the planet Catooine…

When disaster struck!

Riker had been attacked by… something.

Picard: “Data, could it be these cats?”

Deanna: “Oooowoowooo nooooo!”

Crusher: “Deanna, I can’t concentrate with all your yowling!”

Geordi had been struck down too. By what looked like a plasma ball.


No one seemed to notice or care he was dead with a brain hemorage.

And was being eaten by this cat.

Picard: “Deanna! Your yowling is attracting more of these cats!”
Data: “Captain, these cats are not like Spot.”

Data: “My tricorder readings indicate they are silicon-based life forms.”

Picard: “Data! What are those gelatinous pod structures?”

Data: “Diffficult to say, sir. They appear to have life forms gestating inside.”

Data: “Feline life forms.”

Picard: “Great cats! One of them is… hatching!”

Picard: “And that one there… it has a… CAT-apult!”

It was true. The cat leader was armed with a plasma catapult. The mystery of Geordi’s death was solved. Though no one had yet noticed he was dead.

Luckily the Enterprise was in orbit overhead…

…ready to beam them up and away from the dangerous, blood-thirsty cats who were only protecting their kitten-pods.



13 Responses to Star Trek: Catooine Adventure

  1. cohnee says:

    Fan-Cat-astic! A work of true brilliance.

  2. weathereye says:

    If you weren’t my heroes before, and you were, you definitely are now. If that makes any sense.

  3. GAB says:

    Simply lovely! Reminds me a bit of “Passage to Moauv” — a TOS audio show that my family still has on vinyl (a psycho-active pet cat of a foreign ambassador inadvertently wreaks havok on the Enterprise).


    • Jakob says:

      GAB, that very record is the inspiration behind this cake! I’m glad somebody got it. I wish I still had that thing. It was terrible on a few levels.

  4. Marius says:

    One question, if I may. Why is Beverly giving Riker a prostate exam?

    • Bevery always gives the males prostate exams. Even if they only came to see her about a sprained ankle. She’s THAT thorough. And why she’s the most sought after medic in Starfleet.

  5. kyprieth says:

    Oh my goodness this is quite possibly the most delicious geekery I’ve ever seen.

  6. Athywren says:

    … NO!

    Why do you hate Geordie so? Why?? ='<

  7. My inner nerd is so happy right now, thank you!

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