Twin Peaks

In honour of Mr. David Lynch


Weclome to Twin Peaks. Please consult this map. Notice Glastonberry Grove in the center.



She’s dead…


…wrapped in plastic.


This beach is famous for its candy-coated chocolate rocks!


“Through the darkness of futures past,

The magician longs to see.


One chants out between two worlds

Fire walk with me.

I’ll catch you with my death bag,

You may think I’ve gone insane

But I promise I will kill again.”


Lucy’s set out the donuts for Cooper and Hank.


But not Andy… she’s not speaking to him.


Damn fine coffee… and HOT!


A fishtail just beyond the percolator.

4 Responses to Twin Peaks

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  2. Paul Forbes says:

    That cake is scary guys.
    I love Nerdhurdles. I don’t get all the humor because I’m from England but it still makes me laugh.

  3. Tom says:

    The essence is really well built inside this cake! Nice work!

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