Nerd(s) of the Month Nov/Dec 2010

December 15, 2010

Another two-fer Nerd of the Month since we only got halfway on the ball with the Sept/October round-up. Best intentions oft go stuff themselves. We do one better this time around and actually give you a three-fer of NOTMs.

November 2010: Graeme Taylor & Some British Kid

Graeme Taylor, gay-defender-defending gay kid:

And this “British Teen” whose name I can’t seem to find on the Internet:

Ignore for the moment that they have the same haircut and might be the same kid putting on different accents, these young men have been all the rage in the media for speaking their minds.

They are joint NOTMs for the month of November as a reminder there’s more to being a nerd than spells and lasers, there’s also holding strong to higher ideals against the tide of jaded apathy. It’s tougher to do when you’re young and being “cool” often mean appearing to “not give a shit.”

Of course, we learn as we get older that being “cool” means keeping a level head and remaining rational when fighting for the things that really matter to you.

But that’s not what the media tells us. The epitome of Hollywood cool, James Dean’s Jim Stark, wasn’t actually cool; he was an emo-douchebag who didn’t have the stones to be honest with himself or anyone around him.

The archetype for true cool often goes unrecognised. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock is downright chilly in comparison. Unless meddled with by some alien entity, Spock keeps his attitude frosty even in the most dire circumstances. Even in death, he remained stoic.

Similarly, another cool customer would be none other than Han Solo.  Not only does he shoot first and name snarky comments later, when faced with certain imminent death he keeps his emotions in check. To the point of acknowledging Leia‘s declaration of love with a simple, “I know.”

Actually, that’s kind of a douchebag move. But not emo. Han Solo was no mopey Edward.

And to varying degrees both these young men have a little Spock and a little Han Solo in them. Mostly Spock. And mostly just the hair.

December 2010: Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Eh, it’s seasonal. Mandi likes it and there’s no denying these folks are HUGE NERDS.

Nerd of the Month: September and October 2010

November 17, 2010

NOTM September 2010: Carol Fowler, who is crusading for stricter breeding guidelines for King Charles Cavaliers. The dogs suffer from occipital hypoplasia and syringomyelia (a condition whereby fluid filled cavities develop within the spinal cord) caused by breeding practices.

We think her devotion and drive for something so specialized qualifies her for NOTM. I especially appreciate her fighting the man and the women.

Her dog’s story can be read here.

The bit about her from the BBC doc:

NOTM October 2010: Sir Terry Pratchett. We had a rule that Nerd of the Month nominees could not be “professional nerds”. Having sold 65 million copies of his Discworld novels, I’d say that qualifies Pratchett as a pro-nerd. So much so that he was knighted for it.

But what makes him a NOTM is he celbrated by making a “highly magical” sword out of meteorites. Read more about it here.

“It annoys me that knights aren’t allowed to carry their swords. That would be knife crime.” ~ Sir Terry Pratchett

NOTM August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

August 4, 2010

August 2010: Antony “Ori Studfarm” James

We have a strict “no listeners or forum members” policy in place for the Nerd of the Month competition, but we feel we need to make an exception in this case. NOTM is meant to honour those who show exemplary service in the name of Nerd; those who wave their nerd flag high with pride.

When we first got to know Antony, he was working through the shock of the self-discovery that he was perhaps a bit of a nerd. He’d always considered himself a coolie-woolie but Nerd Hurdles, amongst other things, was making him take a deeper look inside. The more he talked about himself, the more it was clear to everyone he was actually a huge nerd. He’s even part of a popular Red Dwarf podcast.

A short while ago he took the final step into true nerdery. Not only did he buy Storm Trooper armour, he proudly posted pictures on the internet. We feel, undoubtedly,  he has arrived and is a shining example to all those discovering—and nurturing—their inner geek.

Nerd on, Antony, nerd on.

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