Upcoming NERDPRECIATION special!

July 19, 2010


One of the hallmarks of a good podcast is conscientious audience appreciation. Reading out letters and comments is a classy way of saying “we appreciate you, dear listener, and care about what you have to say.”

We’re not very classy.

On top of that, we’re forgetful and lazy. It’s probably been a year since we’ve read a letter on the air, so to speak. Perhaps not since the last “letters” show. So we’re doing another listener feedback appreciation special for the milestone 75th episode of Nerd Hurdles!

Along with letters we’ve saved, you have until the morning (EST) of July 24th to send in:

  • questions
  • suggestions
  • observations
  • criticisms
  • audio comments

to nerds[at]nerdhurdles[dot]com. You can also ask us questions on our Formspring page and we’ll answer those “live” on the show.

If email and ego-aggrandizing vanity websites aren’t your speed, throw something on our Facebook fan-page and if it sticks, we’ll talk about that too.

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