Gingers, Masons and Emo Nazguls (June 2010)

June 30, 2010

ginger pride: We’re all about the Nerd Pride and the Gay Pride but we’ve been remiss in supporting the Ginger Pride. Here’s some questions for debate. Has Ron Weasley hurt or helped the cause? Is M.I.A. prophet or a satirist with her video?

80 year old gay and nick daddies tube: We’re also about the 80 year old gay and nick daddies pride, apparently. Whatever a “nick daddy” is. Sounds British.

how to draw fucking cool things: This is the updated 2010 edition of How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. It has a chapter just on drawing a kitten driving a giant robotic unicorn trampling Edward and Bella.

emo nazgul:I hate everything.  Sauron is always making me ride all over Middle Earth looking for stupid fucking Hobbits. Hobbits? Seriously? Halflings? It’s not fair. If he’s so great why can’t he just teleport them into his tower? He just doesn’t want me to have any fun. The other Nazguls don’t get it. They just go along with whatever Sauron says like they’re compelled to. Fucking sheeple. I hate everything.”

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Coming To Terms (February 2010)

March 4, 2010

Maybe it’s just me but either crazier people are finding the Hurdled Nerd via Google, or people are just getting crazier in general. Here’s a sample of the best search terms of the last month.

  • zombie yawning — You wanted pictures of tired zombies? Zombies bored with the malaise of their own existence? Go here.
  • whats right and wrong — We’re not qualified to tell you the answer. But the internet isn’t where you should be looking for it.
  • i can do all things through him who strengthens me — I want to know which post connected this search term to our blog. So I can delete it.
  • zombie kind — Compassionate zombies or makes and models of the walking dead? Be more specific in your search terms.
  • wow people — As in “wow, people”? Or World of Warcraft players? I guess “like, wow, WoW people” makes sense.
  • world map of rock music listeners — We don’t have it. But I’d like to see it.
  • slash+”star trek” — Most people have a character preferences, but I guess any Trek slash will do for them.
  • metaphysical anime — Oh my goddess, isn’t all anime metaphysical in some way?
  • starbase 66 karen picture — Why do people keep getting to our blog when they search for Karen?
  • march & beer — We gave up beer for Lent.
  • stereotypes sometimes they just play the — same role over and over?
  • how to draw tentacle anime — No.
  • neil tennant fuck — Yes.
  • nerd publisher — I hope they found one. And lets me know who they are. I got a book to flog.
  • meat jesus — Yay! Someone searched for Baby Meat Jesus!
  • baby meat — Ew… for the wrong reasons.
  • star wars baby mobile death star — Sounds like something awesome and deadly a cat would drive.
  • “you can’t take this guy from me” — Glad we’re not the only ones who mis-hear that lyric.
  • christian youth forum — Boy did you come to the wrong place.
  • starbase 66 karen’s
  • twilight should end — We agree.
  • coin collecting whores — Hookers who get paid in loonies or old men who’ll do anything for a silver denier.
  • annoyed book — The book is annoyed? The book is about an annoyed character? The book makes the reader annoyed? Who can say? I’m annoyed.
  • elementary stories about comedy of a nerd — We only have advanced stories about comedy of a nerd.
  • “hoody fighter” jakob — I can’t believe someone other than myself has ever searched for this.
  • blocks fit — Yes. Yes, they do. Like Lego.
  • anakin and perseus — Is this some kind of bizarre cross-franchise slash?

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