Episode 136 – FOODIE HURDLES

January 13, 2012

Foodie episode - click to listen

trung vit lon - embryo in a shell

Fetal duck – click to embiggenate

In a triumphant return to drunkcasting, we talk about foodies and the unique nerdiness that food inspires in douchebags people. How is it that, unlike sci-fi nerds, food nerds seem to command so much respect at social gatherings?

Or do they? In our heart of hearts most of us curse them as douchebags while they make a show of sniffing their wine or waxing poetic about the complexities of a cake of mould exotic cheese.

If this is so, then what exactly is it that leaves a bad taste in our mouths about food snobbery? It could be that fine food has historically been a class indicator. Something we all hate is having our betters flaunt their wealth in our faces. Worse, we can’t abide one of our equals making a ham-fisted attempt at class-jumping by developing an interest in wine.

In both cases there’s always the suspicion gourmands who claim to enjoy balut or sheep’s brains are either pretentious to the point of delusion or are flat-out lying.

But then most cultures outside of the North American suburbs eat pretty much anything that isn’t outright poisonous. As a child I remember being delighted and horrified by the frogs legs plot line in The Muppet Movie. Which brings us to…

kermit book guy

Which will make more sense after you listen to the episode.

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