Episode 115 – Oh, Kanada

June 3, 2011

Canada, really? The true north strong and free is a hurdle? Well,  Sgt. Kanada on the forums suggested we do an episode where we explain Canada to non-Canadians. Well, we recorded this episode instead where we explain nothing.

But Canada really can be a hurdle sometimes. Or at least the Canada made up of polite Mounties playing hockey with sticks made of old Tim Horton’s cups glued together with maple syrup and pucks made of beaver pelts sure is.

It’s a hurdle because it’s all lies.

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Earth Day

April 23, 2009

Since yesterday was Earth Day, I thought it would a good time to revisit my thoughts on Earth Hour (episode #11) in relation to Earth Day. Well, not surprisingly my thoughts on Earth Day are the same as Earth Hour, only 24 times over. I find it a hypocritical PR-bandage which acts as a guilt-vent allowing people to continue to lead a destructive lifestyle while feeling they’re making a difference.

Conversely, I also see it as an important awareness tool, getting people to think about eco-issues when they may not normally do so. It’s a tricky issue.

According to a recent poll, apparently Canadians would rather save money than the environment. This doesn’t surprise me. Convenience is king. On Friday my office is taking part in the Twenty-Minute Clean Up. That is, for 20-minutes were going out with plastic bags and putting discarded plastic and cardboard we find in the nearby ravine into them. This a great beautifying task. The ravine will look so much better. So much so, perhaps people will continue to not think about how all their food products are encased in plastic or cardboard packaging. Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes I think we should get our green spaces get filled up with trash. As a demonstration that the issue of trash needs to be cured at the systemic level (the banning of food packaging). Not with a 20-minute band-aid.

~ Jakob

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